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  January 23, 2006

'The Nutcracker' is the last of Tchaikovsky's three great ballets, and was premiered in 1892, the year before his enigmatic death. It is fascinating how Tchaikovsky's works, especially his great ballets, are now considered seminal Western romantic compositions, yet at the time were derided as alien, ... more
Mozart: Sonatas for Piano & Violin - Uchida/Steinberg          (18 of 18 found this review helpful)
  October 25, 2005

This recording is in 5 channel DSD and stereo, although the liner tray states 3 channel. I have had this disc since its release, and after initially feeling rather cool towards it, it has become my favourite post-Grumiaux, post-Oistrakh disc of the Mozart 'sonatas for keyboard and violin'. My ... more
  October 11, 2005

Comparative review of flute concertos with Telarc SACD 60624. The Bis disc is on special promotion. The flautist Sharon Bezaly, of Israeli origin was new to me, but according to the booklet, has already achieved a sizable discography on Bis. She plays a modern, 24 carat gold flute; and the ... more
Chopin: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 - Rubinstein        (19 of 19 found this review helpful)
  August 17, 2005

CONCERTO No1 in E minor, cond.Skrowaczewski, recorded 1961 in London. 2 channel only. CONCERTO No2 in F minor (Slightly cut ) cond. Wallenstein; rec 1958 Carnegie Hall, NY. 2 & 3 channel. I had not heard either performance before, and it was enjoyable to listen for the first time to two obviously ... more
  August 13, 2005

FRANCK- SYMPHONY in D Minor ; STRAVINSKY- "PÉTROUCHKA". 1911 Score with excision of three drum roll passages. Monteux had special associations with both works. As regards the Franck, quoting from the booklet of the CD from the Monteux edition, "The Franck symphony was a cornerstone of Monteux's ... more

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