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Richard Strauss: Music from Salome, Elektra - Borkh/Reiner        (9 of 13 found this review helpful)
  August 9, 2005

Salome: Dance of the seven veils; Final scene. Elektra: Soliloquy; Recognition Scene; Final scene A self recommending SACD, especially with the underrepresentation of opera in the new format. The cover art of this disc, was once one of the most sensational paintings in the world. The painter was a ... more
Schubert: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 8 - Kubelik        (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
  May 27, 2005

There exist a handful of orchestral performances where after only a handful of bars, one realises one is in the presence of a truly superlative occasion; Toscanini's Eroica or 1936 Beethoven 7, Karajan's 1964 La Mer, any Mravinsky Tchaikovsky 5. Of course, this doesn't imply one agrees with all that ... more
  May 13, 2005

Sonata in A minor, K 310 Sonata in A, K 331/300i Sonata in D, K 576 Rondo in A minor, K 511 2 pieces, K 399/385i Gigue, K 574 First the good news. This was recorded in situ at an Italian residence, the Villa di Ninfa, which was the locus of an artistic salon in the nineteenth century; I've just ... more
  May 4, 2005

The violin is arguably the most intractable string instrument to record in PCM digital, the high frequencies eliciting the worst in phase effects and decimation filtering with limited bandwith. The first two sets of Bach solo violin I listened to were Oscar Shumsky's analogue ASV set recorded in ... more
  April 30, 2005

COMPARATIVE REVIEW Böhm ( Ed Nowak 1953 ) with Wand/Berlin Philharmonic ( 1878/80 version ) SACD in BMG Japan Box Set BVCC-34123~29 The appearance of Böhm's famous 1973 version of Bruckner 4 on an expensive stereo only hybrid from Japan raises the question of whether it's worth getting, compared to ... more

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