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  April 18, 2009

This lovely disc of avant-jazz features Benoit Delbecq, the pianist who also performed in an earlier Songlines SACD I reviewed, 'Way Below the Surface'. Whereas the latter disc is closer to classical avant-garde, Kartet's quartet of alto sax, piano, bass and drums hews more towards jazz. This is ... more
  February 8, 2009

'Poolplayers' refers to a quartet of musicians which formed in 2005, and recorded this album of nine pieces in 2006. As their website is inactive, I suspect the group has dispersed. Due to the scanty liner notes, I have utilised the label's advertorial : ... more
  January 23, 2009

This is the first of two PentaTone discs introducing to SACD the four quartets recorded in quadraphonic format from the Quartetto Italiano's integral Beethoven cycle. The Quartetto Italiano were constituted in 1945. After stints with various labels, they started a fruitful relationship with Philips ... more
  January 7, 2009

This well-programmed SACD intersperses two instrumental concertos amongst four attractive, concise soprano cantatas, all accorded the 2L label's exemplary sound. In an inspired analogy, the liner notes suggest that Vivaldi's 'cantatas can be seen as the short story of the vocal arts- a distillation ... more
  January 5, 2009

This American composer celebrated his hundredth birthday on Nov 28 2008. Nearly as extraordinary, this superb SACD encompasses works composed from 1939, with eight compositions postdating the composer's eightieth birthday. The major work in this compilation is the Cello Sonata of 1948, which, with ... more

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