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  April 14, 2008

This sumptuously presented hybrid stereo SACD is enthusiatically recommended to listeners of contemporary classical, especially fans of the Kronos quartet. It will appeal to avant garde art aficionados, and with its complex electric guitar and electronics tracks, also to rock music ... more
  March 4, 2008

This is a lovely disc of lyrical short original compositions, performed primarily by the composer-pianist. Mainly in a jazz or jazz/popular idiom, this SACD can be confidently recommended to fans of jazz, popular, folk and new age music. The 'audiophile disc' has received plenty of deserved ... more
  January 23, 2008

This disc comprises eleven original compositions for the unusual combination of cello, trumpet, bassoon and piano/synthesiser. It should appeal to listeners of jazz, New Age, and tonal contemporary classical music. Moreover, the audiophile production qualities are coupled to musical values which are ... more
Safa: Alight      
  January 1, 2008

First review of 2008! Songlines is a Canadian label which promotes the multicultural patrimony of the country's musicians. Its eclectic promotion of avant-garde, world and jazz styles in various presentations of fusion music is reminiscent of Germany's higher profile ECM. The differences seem to be ... more
  December 10, 2007

This is another SACD produced by the Norwegian company 2L which features outstanding piano sound. Of the discs I have heard from this source, this seems a particular feature of its music producers and balance engineers. A harmonically rich, even tone from all registers of the keyboard is almost ... more

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