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Nordheim - Cikada Duo      
  May 29, 2007

This excellent SACD, with the Telarc-like warning on the back : 'EXTREME SURROUND SOUND!' is one of the bare handful dealing with contemporary classical music. Such is the excellence of the production, and the diversity of the compositions, that after playing this SACD ten times, I can say that it ... more
  April 17, 2007

So far, Brautigam's Beethoven cycle is consistently strong. He uses the same instrument as in previous issues, a 2001 copy of an 1802 fortepiano. The modern manufacture avoids some of the creaks often heard in recordings of original fortepianos : only in the first movement of the 'Moonlight' do ... more
  March 14, 2007

This is a modern instrument version with full chorus and a 'historically informed' performance style, whereas the SACD version of Junghänel is on period instruments with a tiny orchestra and one voice per part. Rilling can fairly be described as a Bach performance specialist. His modern orchestra ... more
  February 19, 2007

COMPARATIVE SACD : Hewitt on Hyperion SACDA67518 for Opp 7 & 10/3. Brautigam's extraordinarily generous hybrid SACD packs the wonderful three sonatas of Op 10 along with the big Op 7 sonata. It is customary for CDs to include only the Op 10 set, without any coupling. This coupling is unique, ... more
  February 16, 2007

As many readers will be aware, BIS are in the midst of revamping their new releases into eventually being entirely in the hybrid SACD format. This undertaking is two-pronged. Firstly, the company is continuing with its policy of innovative new repertoire, but additionally, it is rerecording much of ... more

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