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  January 29, 2007

With the underrepresentation of opera in the SACD catalogue, the appearance of four classic sets in the RCA series is to be welcomed, even if none contain libretti. Moreover, the included synopses have no cue points to help direct the novice. No matter. This particular recording has three of the ... more
  January 3, 2007

The Mozart violin concertos are well served on SACD, with this newcomer added to the ongoing complete series from Julia Fischer on PentaTone, and Manze in these last three 'authentic' concertos. Fischer plays with a larger, but still chamber orchestra, including harpsichord continuo for the first ... more
  October 30, 2006

This excellently conceived and recorded disc is greater than the sum of its parts. One of the signs of the alleged doldrums in classical music has been the reduction of recordings by the major orchestras, notably the great American ensembles, due to the cost of studio sessions. However, bands which ... more
  July 10, 2006

1. Scherzo from Octet, Op. 20 ( Rec. 7/60 ) 2. Symphony No.4 ( Rec. 2/58 ) 3. Symphony No. 5 ( Rec 10/57 ) One has to chuckle at some covers. The picture depicts the Arch of Titus, with what possibly is a pine tree at the edge of the photograph. Yet, when one turns to the jacket of Respighi's ... more
  June 20, 2006

This disc issued by Sony Japan is a curious compilation. The 'Coronation' concerto comes from Perahia's integral cycle with the ECO. It is an early digital recording, from 1983, recorded at the church of St John's Smith Square, London. This may have been a missed opportunity, for when Sony reissued ... more

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