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  June 17, 2006

1. Passacaglia Op.1 2. Five Movements Op.5, version for string orchestra, 1929 3. Six Pieces for Orchestra Op.6, revision of 1928 4. Five Pieces for Orchestra Op.10 5. Symphony Op.21 for clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 horns, harp, 2 violins, viola and cello. This Japanese-sourced SACD is currently one ... more
  June 14, 2006

This SACD set contains the same performances as the set issued earlier by Vanguard under a different serial number. The current release has the virtue of being much cheaper, the two disc set being priced at approximately the same as one premium SACD. The works were recorded in London's Conway Hall ... more
  May 13, 2006

The Latvian violinist Baiba Skride won the 2001 Queen Elisabeth competition at the age of twenty. This is her debut recital for Sony, and probably the only SACD of her playing for the indefinite future, as her follow up has only been released on plain CD. She is an interesting complement to Sony's ... more
  March 27, 2006

That Corelli's '12 Sonate a Violino e Violone o Cimbalo Op.V' were published on the 1st of January 1700, seems to be a clear artistic manifesto for the forthcoming century, rather than for astrological or liturgical reasons. He was famous as a violinist, and to quote the inimitable liner notes of ... more
  March 25, 2006

The best summary of Manze's approach to these works comes from the concluding paragraph of his liner notes : "Far from the modern, post-Classical notion of the concerto as a conflict between the one and the many, a Helden-soloist struggling against the massed ranks of an anonymous orchestra, the ... more

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