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MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross - Layton        (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
  September 14, 2006

ADHD Summary: If you are interested in, or interested in trying, a disc of 20th century music, choral music, or James MacMillan's work, this is a disc to get. Find it. Buy it. Play the pits off it. Enjoy it. But, take an antacid before reading the liner notes. The Review ********** A little bit ... more
César Franck: Organ Works - Olivier Latry        (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  September 13, 2006

For the ADHD readers who like just a line or two: This music is well played. The registration is conservative, and serves the music well. There is plenty to enjoy even if you don't have 20Hz response. The recording set up sounds different from Latry's other SACD. Buy it if you like Latry and Franck. ... more
Mahler: Symphony No. 6 - Fischer          (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
  August 25, 2006

This is a bit long winded. For ADHD readers who want the bottom line: The Andante is special. The Scherzo is satisfying, and the outer movements seem a bit muted. The recording is voiced to direct your attention to the lower instruments, but it is clear and spacious. If you feel like liberating $20, ... more
Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2, Paganini Rhapsody - Lang Lang        (10 of 13 found this review helpful)
  August 24, 2006

"I sure would like to get that new Lang Lang recording," said Glenda. I picked it up during lunch the next day, and by 7PM it was spinning. Thirty seconds into the recording, Glenda's verdict was in, "I like this." Coming from a woman who plays piano, and has heard recordings of the Rach Man all the ... more
Schmidt: Concertos - Schmidt        (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
  August 6, 2006

The music: I first encountered Ole Schmidt as a composer ten years ago on BIS-672. On that CD, his work "The Öresund Symphony" is paired with the rarely heard Violin Concerto by Niels Gade, which is why I bought the disc. If the Öresund Symphony is one side of Schmidt, these four pieces represent ... more

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