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Le Roi Danse - OST        (8 of 18 found this review helpful)
  March 22, 2009

There was a time, not so very long ago, when the DG imprimatur meant something. One could buy almost anything emblazoned with that logo, and be sure of receiving, in return, something of true substance. Such is the power of branding. Then Universal took them over. Say no more ... I had high hopes ... more
Chopin: Etudes Opp. 10, 25 - Perahia      (4 of 9 found this review helpful)
  March 21, 2009

Outrageously good! I could write a long review to say the same thing, but sometimes ... less is more. Recorded July 2001 (24 bit PCM). The first etude (Op.10) just dazzles: Perahia's performance is brilliant, the bass sound of the piano is astonishing, and the top range has clarity and sheer zing. ... more
Schubert: Piano Sonata D568, Moments musicaux - Uchida          (7 of 17 found this review helpful)
  March 21, 2009

This is a 2001 pure DSD recording. I think it is a fine and musical performance. There are certainly moments of bliss - But there are three aspects that are not to my taste: First, the piano Uchida has selected, an older 1962 Steinway, is clangy and bangy. Second, I think she has a tendency to ... more
Dohnanyi: Variations on a Nursery Song etc. - Dohnanyi, Starker        (8 of 13 found this review helpful)
  March 20, 2009

Revised 22 March 2009: Just to clarify: The consensus from the discussion here on, and from the review of this SACD on Amazon by Charles Rileigh is that (irrespective of whether copyright has expired on this recording or otherwise): 1. Praga Digitals ... the company that has put this EMI ... more
Bach: Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould      (14 of 17 found this review helpful)
  March 19, 2009

Revised Saturday 21 March 2009 Prolegomena ____________ I am a Gould fan, I have essentially all his recordings, and I particularly obsess over the 1981 Goldberg CD which remains one of my core reference CDs. When I buy hi-fi, I turn up with the 1981 CD. When I buy a car and want to listen to the ... more

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