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Zazie: Zen      
  October 3, 2004

The album is very good but it's transposition to SACD is not succesfull. The rear channels are exactly the same than the front. Dont' waste your money if you already have the CD.
Chiara Mastroianni + Benjamin Biolay: Home        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  July 4, 2004

An acoustic record with mainly percussion, classic guitars and voice. MC is used heavily. A little bit overused. The lead voices are only on center channel so if you want to have a different approach of the record, turn it off and the disc becomes a mainly instrumental one.
Era: The Mass      
  July 4, 2004

My first SACD. MC is used intensely but with sense. A very good introduction to 5.1 sound.

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