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Anonymous 4: 11,000 Virgins (Hildegard von Bingen)      
"11,000 Virgins, Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula" Hildegard von Bingen Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807200
Anonymous 4: Wolcum Yule        
"Wolcum Yule, Celtic and British Songs and Carols" Traditional English: Awake, and join the cheerful choir; The holly and the ivy; I saw three ships; The Cherry Tree Carol Traditional Irish: Good people all; The seven rejoices of Mary; Air "Lá fuar geimhreadh"; An teicheadh go hEigipt John Tavener: ... more
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807325
Anonymous 4: American Angels        
"American Angels - Songs of Hope, Redemption & Glory" Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807326
Anonymous 4: The Origin of Fire (Hildegard von Bingen)        
Hildegard von Bingen: The Origin of Fire Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807327
Anonymous 4: Gloryland        
"Gloryland" Folk hymns, Shape-note tunes, Revival songs Anonymous 4 Darol Anger (violin, mandolin) Mike Marshall (guitar)
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807400
Anonymous 4: The Cherry Tree      
Prose: Prophetarum presignata - Irish, 14th C. Carol: Nowel syng we bothe al and som - English, 15th C. Carol: Alma redemptoris mater - English, 15th C. Folk hymn: The Shepherd's Star - American, Southern Harmony, 1835 Ballad carol: Newell - Tydings trew - English, 15th C. Carol: Mervele noght ... more
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807453
Anonymous 4: Marie et Marion        
Marie & Marion: Motets & Songs from the Montpellier Codex Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807524
Anonymous 4: 1865 (Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War) - with Bruce Molsky      
1865: Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War Bruce Molsky, fiddle/banjo/guitar & vocals Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi
HMU 807549