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Reviews: Buddy Guy: DJ Play My Blues

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Review by Whitehall April 11, 2006 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
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This is a great mix. His voice was rich, sonorous, and clear; the drive of the guitars was strong and the riffs delightful.

Better than a live performance - no smoke or stale beer smell - but the energy of a night when the band was ON was there.

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Review by Marpow July 25, 2015 (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
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Buddy Guy: DJ Play My Blues SACD Stereo and Multichannel 5.1

Beautiful fully immersive.

Quick Facts: Recorded 1981 and then released SACD, JSP Records 2004. Buddy Guy born in 1936 Lettsworth Louisiana.

Performance: Blues guitar. Phil Guy, Buddy's brother plays guitar on this disc also with Doug Williams guitar, Mike Morrison bass, and Ray Allison drums. Recorded in Chicago, December 1981. Guy's voice is very distinct, it is not a strong voice, a little trembly, but you feel his blues expression. Phil Guy has vocals on Tracks 9 & 10. This performance is an full on 3 guitar blues attack, exactly what I like. Hard driving Chicago blues style, which if you know the blues it is probably the most common blues style that people can relate to.

Stereo Sonics: I listened for comparison and sounds great, full of depth, wide sound stage. In stereo it is a little harder to pick the two rhythm guitars out of the mix but they are there. Buddy's always present lead guitar is easy and vocals come across forward and present.

Multichannel Sonics: I have another JSP SACD Byther Smith: Addressing the Nation with the Blues and had a little trouble with the mix on that disc. Not this disc. Absolutely great. The sonic quality of the MCH is so immersive, a complete envelope that I think has to do with the two rhythm guitars coming out of rear right and left speakers, this creates a tonal balance that I always look for when I am in critical listening mode. The three beauty's of listening treble, mid range and bass are all beautifully synced in a super fine way. All instruments resonate perfectly. There are no gimmicks. It is as if you are sitting in the center and the 5 musicians do not move, but at the same time well balanced and blended between the 5 speakers. I loved it.

Packaging: SACD plastic jewel case. Good liner notes and recording notes. I found it interesting for the writer to say you would have to include Buddy Guy as one of the three greatest guitarists of all time, the other two being Django Reinhardt and George Harrison. Not sure if I agree with that at all but food for thought.

If you like blues music this disc is a no brainer. And in my opinion what true multichannel is supposed to sound like.

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