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Reviews: Mezzoforte: Forward Motion

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Review by PaulHoncoop February 14, 2006 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
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Mezzoforte, by the most of us known by their 80th hit Gardenparty. This band from Iceland is still in the running after more than 20 years. Forward motion is their last album and available on a regular cd and this multichannel sacd. It is a great album with the familiar Mezzoforte sound that after 20 years never lost a sparkle. Partytime!!
Afcourse there are a few laidback moments on this album but for the most it's keeping your body in motion.
The multichannelmix is tremendous. Jazz/fusion music can be sound turbulent in 5.1 but these tracks are not overdone mixed for surround.
Also stereo sounds very good. Yeh this album is a sublime recording.
Great album and highly recommended!

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Review by Barb October 16, 2007 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
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J. Asmundsson b, F. Karlsson g, E. Gunnarsson kb, G. Briem dr, plus T. Dyani perc, W. Haffner dr, A. Snitzer ts, D. Wilczewski ts, J. Anderson perc, D. Watkins tp, S. Gardener tp, J. Talbot sax, S. Sulzman sax, BHM 2004.
Pop-(rock)-jazz fusion, sometimes of the simple kind, sometimes with driving rhythms an good solos, often with too much keyboards to my taste, all the twelve originals, some of them good dancing music but hardly for just listening the whole disc.
The sound is not bad but over-engineered with too much use of compressors, I think, because the dynamics should be better and there should be more air and space around the instruments and more colour and timbre.

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Review by FagenFan May 2, 2014 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Let's not be mistaken here: this album is meant to be moderately commercial, to cater to some dance and rhythm fans, to some ballad fans, to audiophiles, to musicians looking for tight playing and good sols; and for anyone else who is a fan of the original Mezzoforte grooves. It is *not* a showcase for picky audiophiles who crave for extreme hi-fi attributes.

The SACD sounds quite a bit better than the CD version which I also own. The over-engineering with compressors is an artistic choice to tighten the punchiness in the studio sound -- it is not meant to be purist and to gain that last bit of air, space, colour and timbre... this is after all, a studio recording and is designed to sound as such with electric and acoustic instruments.

So don't listen to this disc expecting it to be a top-grade recording to satisfy that typical audiophile craving -- listen with an open mind, expect some wild solos, some soothing ballads, some punchy jamming, some clean, well recorded funk-fusion... and the music will grow on you whether in stereo or surround. Bear in mind that this recording on SACD is meant to demonstrate the superiority over the CD version to do more justice to the music. In that sense, the engineers have achieved their goal: the SACD adds a very worthwhile amount of content (ie, competent multichannel mixes that don't go overboard on panning and phasing effects) and quality over the original recording. Enjoy!

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