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Reviews: Sonatas - Magdalena Kaltcheva

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Review by raffells October 1, 2008 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Well Ive waited a long time before even attempting to review this remarkable disc.
Hoped someone else who actual plays the geet would do the honours.
Firstly I wanted to be able to get through it one listen without ecstatic stopping or just plain exhaustion.
Magdalena Kaltcheva from Bulgaria was approx 19 years old wheb she recorded these pieces.The playing is quite remarkable and so it the recording.Some of the modern works have virtuostic sound effects that astonish the listener and for that reason it will take a number of playings of this disc for even an avid guitar-ite to listen comforably.
Me,Ive not picked up a guitar since I heard this.Probably any other amatuer might have the same reaction.I guess the guitar,manufacturer is not mentioned and it was retuned after some of the tracks.
Some of the fingerwork and sheer attack is breathtaking.Sonically it sounds the same instrument all the way thru..
After doing some research, as the NCA production team for the liner note obviously were absent on holiday for this production.They didnt even list the tracks and absolete zero on the most import aspects.The music and the player.It was recorded in Berlin by this international prozewinner.
As NCA couldnt be bothered giving out to much detail of the compositions,neither will I.Except to say The Paganini work will be fairly recognizable ,the opening Brouwer is fairly modern and the Dyens will amaze and "Blow your socks off".Likewise the recording quality.
Usual moan on this debut album that it comes in a cardboard type booklet/cd .Its also in surround but hardly likely to sound any better than the stereo.

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Review by analogue February 23, 2009 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This sacd was recorded using I believe 24/96 pcm and as such tends to have a slightly brittle (but not harsh) sound in the treble. But it's very subtle. It also lacks a very small level of warmth that I associate with analogue or pure dsd recordings and transfers. It also tends to be a little loud during some note striking. The sound pops out aggressively.

But Mrs. Kaltcheva can really play well, has genuine talent and is astonishingly fast at times. This recording is a little bit experimental and a little melodious in structure. She also plays some beautiful classical pieces as well. These are the gems of this collection in my humble opinion.

One of the advantages of being a huge acoustic guitar lover and having a nice collection of sacd's is that I can get a better overall view of what recording techniques were used to produce a great sounding sacd.
There are however no cut and dry rules. I cannot in all fairness say that all dsd recordings or all analogue recordings sound great which I know is not true. I cannot also say that all pcm recordings are cold and brittle. Some are fantastic.
But what I can say with no fear is that by and large most dsd recordings and most dsd recordings done from master tapes are of excellent quality. And that some recordings but not all done digitally in pcm can sound amazing as well.

The reason people love dsd whether they realize it or not is that it better represents an anologue wave form. It sounds very "analogue" like.

I would recommend this sacd becasue of her talent in guitar playing and the quality of the recording, while not being among the very, very best is at least in the same ball park.

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