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Reviews: Ozzfest 2002 Live Album

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Review by Rinkrat May 18, 2003 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
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When I saw names like System of a Down and Rob Zombie and then the word "Multichannel", I could hardly get the money out fast enough to pay for this and get home. I cranked it and waited for the onslaught. I was thouroughly let down after only a few tracks. The recording it terrible and the "surround" is only clapping from the back speakers. Add a dozen or so tracks by bad head-banger bands and you'd better head for the Excederin bottle. Whoever decided that this should be released on SACD should be forced to listen to it on replay forever. This thing SUCKS big time!

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Review by DaBroadcasta April 11, 2011 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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The worst "surround sound" disc in my collection. But not completely worthless.

The music is nice and loud, and if you like metal from the late 90's and early 00's, you'll dig it. System of A Down and Rob Zombie sound great!

Now, for the bad (everything else):

The surround mix is a joke. A little bit of ambiance from the crowd and bad reverb in the rear channels is all you get. The reverb ruins War Pigs (a serious downer, I had real high hopes).

The person who decided track order obviously decided on it by saying to himself: "Ok, so I have all this great music from a concert series, I've got it down to enough tracks to make a disc. Now, I'm going to take the most popular artists and put them first, and let the disc get worse as it goes on. Start with Ozzy and end with some schmuck no one will ever hear from again. I'm sure the buyers will love that. Listen to the first four or five tracks, and be done with it."

I read the warnings from all of the SS fansites about the disc, and I still took a chance on it simply because of Rob Zombie and SOAD. That and Amazon claimed it was their last copy on the site (now they show more...grrr). Am I disappointed that the producers could've done better? Oh yes. Could they have put more from the bigger bands on it and make it more enjoyable? Oh yeah. But they wanted to give a representation of what the festival offered in terms of artist variety. I get that. I just hope they didn't give the same representation of reverb from the shows.

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