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Reviews: Queen: A Day at the Races

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Review by SnaggS August 7, 2012 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Queen has been on my "todo" list for along time, waiting for the prejudice from being subjected to radio repetition to fade. It took 15 years, and with the SHM releases I bit the bullet on these releases.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this album, comprised of songs which I haven't heard, is wonderful. This is probably a bit obvious to anyone else who's been long into Queen. You don't get a 15 album career and timeless fan base with just a few pop hits. Seems obvious, but I was a bit nervous as I've struggles with other "classic artists" back catalog at time.

No surprise is wonderful Freddie Mercury vocals, speed guitar and vocoder backing vocals. Collectors will be interested that the track "Teo Torriatte" exclusively released in Japan is released on this CD (see Wikipedia for more info on this track).

Packaging is not up to other SHM standards, in that its a regular CD case and not and card fold-out. Won't bother many.

Sound Quality is great, but on the brighter end of re-mastering (-0.5). For many this will be preferred, my bias is towards the ultra smooth DSD sound, so judge my comment accordingly. I'd give the Carpenters SACD, 5 out of 5, and this recording falls two half notches short. Potentially due to the 96/24 mastering (instead of Analog/DSD).

Still, no point agonising about whats not available. This is the highest resolution that you will find for Queen.

Well done again Japan for getting this stuff out.


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Review by Sergey July 9, 2013
Performance:   Sonics:
It is very difficult to assess this entry. On the one hand permit the separation of instruments, the air at the highest level, once heard that this SACD-SHM, unequivocally. On the other hand there are fragments of records that were originally on the master tape is very poor quality and do something impossible. In any case, this is the best record of this release. And predyavlyat questions for publication just silly.

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