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Reviews: Debussy: Complete Piano Music - Walter Gieseking

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Review by SnaggS April 30, 2012 (7 of 15 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I'm new to Debussy, Satie meets Eine Kleine Nachtmusik? His own quote best describes this disc (at least the first so far!)

'Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes"

The music on this disc is wonderful, and performance is gentle and sublime. Mono recording means you can sit anywhere in the room and it sounds the same, perfect for filling the house with music on a quiet day. Analogue EQ was a good call by EMI, has that classic earthy sound.

Sonics rating is relative to current state of the art, this is a good recording from the 50's.

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Review by manche50 May 11, 2012 (6 of 24 found this review helpful)
On s'investit dans des amplis haut de gamme, genre Pioneer LX-75, on pose des colonnes et des sats "Cabasse" partout, afin d'entendre "hiss" partout? Franchement EMI,le SACD n'était pas conçu pour se grincer les dents!!!

Comment apprécier la musique de Debussy elle-même et commenter sur un site où on est néophyte si le produit est tellement défectueux?

La beauté exprimée par Gieseking est indéniable. Fragilité des expressions, expressions à libre volonté, là où le "peuple" a voulu réduire Debussy à son minimum.

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Review by GregM November 8, 2013 (4 of 11 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I enjoyed the performance of these outstanding piano pieces, but the sonics were a mess. Partially that's because of the original EMI recordings, the quality of the tapes and the decision to use PCM before converting to DSD. Any one of those issues could have wreaked havoc on the sound quality, but stacked on top of each other they are a rather insurmountable problem that did get in the way of my enjoyment of this wonderful music. I won't be buying more of these EMIs--this was supposed to be one of the "good ones".

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