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Reviews: Foreigner: Head Games

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Review by hooperthom May 17, 2013 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
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My copy has a flaw on the first song making clicking sounds. I don't like the sound on this SACD, Not much improvement to a RBCD.

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Review by analogue May 24, 2013 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
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Well it took a long while but finally.......all four Foreigner sacd's are released.

I think its fair to say that the bands third release is most fans least favorite album. The band took a chance and tried for new venues of sound and creativity...its just that with the exception of a few choice cuts the album was sort of a let down. Simply put its just not as catchy or addictive.
The chord structures that were so addictive with the first two releases are virtually absent on this album but all in all this disc is a good listen.

Sonically the original recording tried to be a tad more gritty and raw. It works I feel. The sound of this sacd is rather good.....especially cranked. Gramm's vocals are spot on....perhaps not as inspired but still great sounding. The guy had a hell of a voice.
Jones guitar work is also a bit different .....but again the band still sounds good. Bass/kick drum is very nicely rendered. The disc has a good sound stage. Gotta say..Mofi did a good job here. No question about it.

And ofcourse the two great cuts that are on most greatest hits collections....Head Games and Dirty White Boy....both sound very good on this sacd. These cuts rock. In fact the whole disc is pretty good in the transfer department. Its just that when I listen I cant hep but be kept away from total and complete immersion because the music isn't all that good. At least not in comparison to the other three albums.

foreigners next release is, as we all know, historic and I cant wait to get it and review it.

I still recommend this Mofi sacd. The transfer is good.

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Review by progboy May 28, 2013 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Foreigner - Head Games (1979)

Head Games was the third album by rockers Foreigner who really shifted on this album far away from the progressive rock allusions found on their first two albums making way for a more straight forward rock groove. No question the album opens with one of thier great tracks "Dirty White Boys" which is a song I will always love and a song that ushered in the new sound of Foreigner. Head Games also was the swan song for ex- King Crimson genius Ian McDonald who would have to find another avenue to exert his stylistic touch on.

I always liked Foreigner and Head Games was an album I played to death as a kid. I was so anxious to get the SACD version and had been pestering MOFI for about a year and a half about releasing this album and "4". "Blinded by science" is another superb Foreigner track that really went unnoticed but is a clear watermark for me on this album !

So was the wait worth it you ask? Definitely !

The SACD was carefully mastered from the original master tapes by Shawn Britton at Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs who did another excellent job ! The sound quality is to notch and offers the best sound on is album I have ever heard! Lou Gramm's vocals are right up front and clearly seperated and sound superb.....this guy had one of the great rock voices! The guitars, keyboards, bass and drums have great speaker seperation and a nice rich sound dynamic throughout the whole album.

Another excellent SACD remaster from MOFI and for fans of Foreigner this is essential !

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Review by Marpow October 29, 2014 (0 of 3 found this review helpful)
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Foreigner - Head Games Hybrid SACD Stereo -2013

Foreigners 3rd disc, a 1979 original recording remastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Sebastopol Ca in 2013.

A must classic rock disc in a great stereo sound. This disc was a little gritty compared to the first 2 discs. Stereo presence is well balanced but sonically a little dirty. This purchase is about the music more than the remaster.

Packaging is paper gatefold original center and some information on Mobile Fidelity's remaster. Includes good paper mini booklet with band pictures and all lyrics. A must for the music, the sound is what I would expect from a 70's rock band. The DR value is 10, not exactly optimal.

I am glad I have it and I will listen again.

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