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Discussion: Antheil: Ballet Mécanique - Rose

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Post by diw February 26, 2014 (1 of 4)
Short disc. But Wow!

Post by Kveld-Úlfr February 27, 2014 (2 of 4)
diw said:

Short disc. But Wow!

Details please ? Even a review, if you got the time ?

Post by Links February 27, 2014 (3 of 4)
diw said:

Short disc. But Wow!

Here is a youtube video of a 2006 "performance" at the National Gallery of Art.
(short, and is missing many parts performed by live musicians.)

Downloaded the program notes.
PDF link:

[1] A jazz symphony (orIgInal versIon, 1925) 13:14
[2] Ballet Pour instruments Mécaniques et Percussion
(orIgInal versIon, 1924) 26:37

The original orchestration called for 16 player pianos (or pianolas) in four parts,
2 regular pianos, 3 xylophones, at least 7 electric bells, 3 propellers, siren,
4 bass drums, and 1 tam-tam.

Post by Links March 24, 2014 (4 of 4)
diw said:

Short disc. But Wow!

Just got my copy.
Not a review but,
the Jazz Symphony is a bit like
Milhaud goes to the circus. (I know, tells you nothing)

The Ballet, well, just relentless crazy fun.

Antheil describes it thusly:

"My Ballet Mécanique comes out of the first and principle stuff of music...time-space....
now i hope to present you not with an explosion, but the fourth dimension...
the first physical realization of the fourth dimension. i am not presenting you with
an abstraction. i am presenting you with a physicality like sexual intercourse."
óGeorge Antheil, De Stijl, May, 1925

The 5.0 sound is clean, up front and detailed.
Your neighbours will hate you if you play this at your normal symphonic levels.