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Discussion: Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé (complete ballet), Pavane - Nézet-Séguin

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Post by sunnydaler April 17, 2015 (21 of 29)
These days, I've been listening to other Daphnis recordings including Dutoit, Munch(1955, 1961), Boulez(Columbia, DG), etc. Dutoit is matter-of-fact like his other Ravel. (If there had been many excellent recordings in the work's discography, it would never have garnered this much praise.) Boulez's two accounts are cool in a different way; Columbia is plainspoken almost to a fault in part 1 but it gets better in later parts. DG is sober in slow section and detached in others. Munch's 1955 starts rather brusque in part 1. 1961 flows more naturally here. But in part 2 and 3, 1955 is more sensual and humane than clear-eyed 1961. In concluding Bacchanale, 1961 is more energetic. Monteux is neither sensual nor refined as Munch. And LSO is much less disciplined than Munch's BSO. All in all, every acclaimed Daphnis has its weakness and there's no definitive one yet.
Then how does Nezet-Seguin measure up to others I've mentioned? Very competitive. It digs deeper in terms of nuance and color than many including much-touted Dutoit and Boulez(DG). It will improve your appreciation and understanding of the work. As I said before, part 1 is about 2 minutes slower than usual but it's beautifully done. For part 2 and 3 - no qualms whatsoever.

Post by Luukas April 21, 2015 (22 of 29)
BBC Music Magazine: Orchestral Choice (Performance & Recording: *****)

Post by akiralx April 21, 2015 (23 of 29)
Vaan said:

'There are two classic recordings of the complete Daphnis et Chloé which will never be superseded: Pierre Monteux with the LSO on Decca and Charles Munch with the Boston SO on RCA..'

Why will they never be superseded? I know when I read this sort of thing in reviews that the writer is just an old f@rt who will never judge a new recording on its merits.

Another indication of this is the dreaded 'I've never felt the need to buy a recording other than [fill in details of overrated old recording]...

Post by Hitters April 22, 2015 (24 of 29)
I try not to idealize old recordings. Of course we love the ones that introduced us to a certain piece of work and those we are familiar with. But it is always interesting to get to know new ones as, besides the better sound a recent recording can provide (alas, not always), they may open our ears to a different approach and to other aspects of the work.

I haven't listened to the Nézet-Séguin's Daphnis on BIS and I am looking forward to it. Meanwhile, I would like to add another version to the ones you have mentioned: Myung-Whun Chung conducting the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (RBCD on DG, 2006). I find both performances and recording exemplary and never get tired of listening to it.

Post by Fitzcaraldo215 April 22, 2015 (25 of 29)
I must say, a beautiful commentary in this thread about a beautiful work, and beautiful performances past, and, hopefully, present. I am looking forward to it.

Post by wehecht April 24, 2015 (26 of 29)
Other listening priorities kept pushing this disc to the bottom of the pile of recent acquisitions, but I'm sure glad this thread prodded me to finally give it a spin. It really is very good, the best of YNS' three BIS discs (though the others have grown on me as well). In fact it's quite enough to deepen my regret that health issues prevent me from hearing him live here in Philadelphia! The sound is excellent too, diaphanous or refulgent in turns exactly as the piece requires.

Post by current93 April 24, 2015 (27 of 29)
Finally I decided to pass this BIS title for Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé (complete ballet), La Valse - Jordan. I have an inner feeling that it will turn out to be more idiomatic: Swiss conductor and French Opera house orchestra.

Post by sunnydaler April 25, 2015 (28 of 29)

Post by acousticsguru May 11, 2015 (29 of 29)
"There are two classic recordings of the complete Daphnis et Chloé which will never be superseded: Pierre Monteux with the LSO on Decca and Charles Munch with the Boston SO on RCA"

Those are indeed legendary recordings, and regardless of what "supersede" means in the context of musical interpretation, life would be poorer without them (= that is my understanding of a musical benchmark). Lack of curiosity works both ways: only because some alleged "old fart" said something...

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

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