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Post by windhoek August 2, 2015 (61 of 211)
jackan said:

Also your little meme that meant so much to you, like one of your own children. The one that was taken down by the oppressive regime, and violated all of your free speech, and killed millions of people in the process? You abandoned it at the grocery store, in aisle 6. Didn't even look back. It is still up, in another thread. Right where you left it.

Righteous indignation, you're doing it wrong.

Thanks, I knew it was missing and now I know where :)

Post by G12345567 August 3, 2015 (62 of 211)
Marpow said:

Greg, I agree, I got all my move over done today, but gone are my over 120 reviews. Not that I am any good at reviews but I did try.

That said, I am not sure that the new site is 100% complete, I would think not. Maybe all our reviews and new ones to come will be added soon?

I also noticed that when I looked at My Library on the new HRAUDIO site it does not show any statistics like on where it shows "Found xxxx" where it shows the number of titles it has found in your library. I always like to know how many titles I have in My Library and when I search it.

As you said I don't think the new site has been completed yet. Hopefully they will add the user reviews, forum and other missing features found on this site. Though it may be hard to maintain two sites if content is added to one site or library it won/t end up on the other.

Not using Music Collector but am using Game Collector to catalogue all my PC and console games.

Post by Lunna August 3, 2015 (63 of 211)
windhoek said:

Do you know what the word divisive means? Divisive means something like, 'to cause disagreement or hostility between people', and not something like, 'ingenious method'. How can you say "he was not divisive at all"?

disagree about what? yeah, i disagree that that murderous bas-ard had any redeeming qualities. so what he liked animals.

Post by samayoeruorandajin August 3, 2015 (64 of 211)
G12345567 said:

Hopefully they will add the user reviews, forum and other missing features found on this site.

Zeus has already said the forum won't be on the new site. I doubt that decision changes.

Post by diw August 3, 2015 (65 of 211)
Looks like Zeus fixed the problem of the library not coming up in alphabetical order.

Post by hooperthom August 4, 2015 (66 of 211)
I can log on to the new site on my desktop with my email/password but why can't I log on to my iPhone using the same email/password?

Never mind, its working now.

Post by diw August 4, 2015 (67 of 211)
There seem to be a couple of newer discs on the new site not listed in recent additions here. I guess the database here will not be maintained going forward?

On a positive note, I want to take the time to thank Polly Nomial. He has done a lot of work to help Stephen maintain the site over the last year, and I really appreciate his contributions.

Post by windhoek August 4, 2015 (68 of 211)
When clicking into title details e.g. recording info, reviews, comments, each click counts as one move forward in Google Chrome and not, as I'd prefer, as a browserless move. For example, If I click to view review, comments and recording info, when I want to leave the page entirely and go back to the title list page, I'd have to click the back button on my browser 4 times (or more times depending on how many option are expanded and even more if I closed them using the '+' banner!) just to back one page.

Can this be changed so that when hidden details, reviews and comments etc, are expanded (and closed), the browser back button requires only one click to go to the previous page?

Post by windhoek August 5, 2015 (69 of 211)
Any info on whether the browser back button can be changed Zues? I just was on the new site and clicked through a few titles exploring reviews and such within each and it took a lot of back browsing to get back to the page I wanted. Hopefully the back button will be made to go to the previous page rather than the previous view of the page a user is already viewing because it's a little bit clunky at present.

Post by Tourboots August 9, 2015 (70 of 211)
I am still not sure about the new site. I guess it will take time to adjust, there are a number of things that I don't like, e.g. not having a permanent menu bar at the top, the loss of an indication on the titles pages as to where a disc is stereo or multichannel - you see the image and have a title and a reference number, I don't want to have to remember to use the multichannel filter all the time - it would be just nice to see that element as part of the standard information. I am an SACD supporter primarily for Multichannel releases.

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