Thread: eBay Idiocies (Can't Sell My Rare SACDs There)

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Post by jackan September 1, 2015 (31 of 36)
stvnharr said:

Ya sure. Once all 200-300 are listed. Well maybe. It's not like I don't know how ebay works.

tip: if you know how it works, skip the tips.
(And snarky comments, it will save us all time.)

Post by jackan September 1, 2015 (32 of 36)
k-spin said:

Found your Penderecki SACD (UK eBay) but when I then click on "See other items" under Seller Information it says that you don't have anything for sale.

I have experienced this problem before with international sellers. You need to type in by hand the zone. EG: dotDE, or UK, or DOTcom. (For me (dotcom) it works.)

Post by Polarius T September 2, 2015 (33 of 36)
Problem solved, I think, despite eBay support personnel's dumb and illiterate interventions.

I had to choose a shipping method and fee separately for a variety of destinations (clicking all individual countries for each category) instead of just trusting that "Worldwide" will mean what it says: worldwide.

Gawd! But it works now, so even if you are on the UK site (ebay.CO.UK) you should be able to click my "Other items" for sale and view them.

Not sure of the other national eBay sites (don't even want to check).

BUT DO NOTE that only those items on which there are currently 0 bids will be shown on that Other Items list (they were the only ones I could edit). As of this writing there are 32 of these (10 others have bids on them).

The list will grow each day.

For items on which there already are bids, you have to go to the US eBay site (ebay.COM), locate me or some of my items there, and click Other Items under my seller name.

I'll never do this again.


Post by stvnharr September 2, 2015 (34 of 36)
hiredfox said:

Just a back story for entertainment. Last year I decided to ditch my RBCD collection in its entirety. I contacted some half-dozen of the advertisers in Gramophone Classifieds who were offering to buy whole collections of classical CDs, especially OOP and rare acclaimed performances that my collection contained in abundance. Around 1000 CD were involved. Of the six advertisers contacted one did not reply, four wanted to pick and choose the discs they would buy; only one offered me a cash price for the discs.

This one company based in Scotland agreed my collection was excellent and made me a cash offer...
that offer? £250! You read that right, £250 or 25P per disc!

I still have my collection needless to say.

Yes, well I'm sure you expected at least 10x, or more, in the offer.
So with a benchmark like that, you might consider being an amazon seller for a selected number of your discs that you think might fetch a few quid. Once you get an account set up it goes pretty easy, certainly much easier than ebay.
Sure it's a bit of trouble and bother to mail discs to buyers, but it's about the only way you are likely to get any kind of fair return.
About a dozen years ago I got rid of a substantial rbcd collection, though nowhere near a large as your collection, by selling a few through amazon and audiogon. I was lucky and found a repeat customer and then I just sent him lists to pick and choose from. That got rid of a large number of discs at a much better return than selling to used cd stores.
Sure I realize the lure of selling a whole collection in one transaction and getting a good return. But now that you know what that will attract as a return, it's not so attractive, and perhaps unrealistic.

Post by Polarius T September 5, 2015 (35 of 36)
A small side note, if I may:

What I thought has been interesting thus far is that of all my items listed, the one that's had most site views (attracted most viewers/collectors) is the Penderecki Credo SACD Penderecki: Credo - Penderecki. It beats even all the Ansermert, Kleiber, Klemperer & Mravinsky Esoterics and other notable rarities. That's even when the time-on-site figures have been taken into consideration.

Is that the rare SACD that most people are curious about or interested in (desireability level would be measured by sale price, though, not number of views), or what is? I'd be curious to know.

Not even Wagner: Tannhauser - Gerdes attracted as many views in as short a time when I sold it some time ago.

Post by Polarius T September 11, 2015 (36 of 36)
One-hundred mark broken already a while ago, Stephen. And counting.

A note of curiosity: the discs getting most attention (watchers) are out-of-print MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, "MoFi") SACDs. By far. More so than even OOP Esoterics and other Japanese jewels.

Rather unexpected, at least to me.

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