Thread: A new AIDA from Italy!

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Post by Chris October 14, 2015 (1 of 2)
I can strongly recommend the just released Warner Classics/Pappano recording of Verdi's AIDA!
New Opera recordings are few and far between these days apart from DVD on video and Bluray.
But this,sound only,no video and only available as hi res 24/96 download could possibly be one the best ever recordings of one of the grandest of Grand Operas.
Not only does it give Karajan's late 70s EMI set a good run for its money performance wise,but the SQ is also top notch imho.
Unlike most modern studio productions it is also very realistically recorded with both singers and orchestra in the same acoustic for a change.
Rome's famous Santa Cecilia proves a glorious venue for an equally glorious recording of Verdi's masterpiece.
It is not often that a modern recording replaces Karajan's classic Opera recordings for me,but this one actually does imho.
Not to be missed by anyone who loves Grand Opera.
I strongly doubt that there will ever be an SACD, but Kal says he will wait for the Bluray release at another site where I posted this recommendation as well.
"Eargasmic" is my verdict!
And for those who need a pro opinion it seems Gramophone's reviewer quite likes it too.
Cheers Chris

Post by Kal Rubinson October 14, 2015 (2 of 2)
I have no inside info on this but Warner's has released a few opera BDs and posted video clips of the Aida. So, I was merely inferring.