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Discussion: Beethoven: Violin Concerto - Oistrakh

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Post by Polarius T November 14, 2015 (1 of 1)
Re: the review of this disc from today:

It's not a Japanese remastering. It's a British remastering done at the (former EMI's) Abbey Road studios, by the same crew that did all the EMI SACDs before Warner bought EMI and that has done all the Warner SACDs based on EMI releases (like this) ever since. It's just that most of that work was commissioned and paid for by EMI Japan, now Warner Japan, not EMI Europe (even though some of those discs were then also released in Europe using different cover art and complications).

This recording has been previously released on the Japanese EMI label and this is the exact same thing, just a re-release on the Warner label.

I am not familiar with the file you are referring to but I am 99% sure it's the very same thing you hear on this record.

So I'd say you've been listening to one and the same recording and remastering on both of those occasions but are just for whatever reason hearing different things.