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Discussion: Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here

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Post by zeus April 20, 2008 (1 of 14)

Post by pelley April 20, 2008 (2 of 14)
zeus said:

More info:

Be sure to check out the 320kbps MP3 samples on the site, folks. This technology continues to amaze me.

Post by Claude April 20, 2008 (3 of 14)
The Gould disc was a great demonstration of the technical achievements of the Zenph Studios team, using a very popular historic performance.

But do we need more of that? Does this recording really provide more insights into Art Tatum's playing?

What about Charlie Chaplin movies re-created with robot actors imitating every movement and mimic of the original performers, all filmed in glorious HD color picture? ;-)

Post by ramesh April 20, 2008 (4 of 14)
Could a jazz aficionado enlighten me on the historical significance of this album?

Post by Claude April 21, 2008 (5 of 14)
Here's a review of the original recording (from the Zenph page):

Post by TerraEpon April 21, 2008 (6 of 14)
I admit I don't buy jazz, mostly getting a 'fix' now and again from library listening, and I find most jazz solo piano tends to be kind of droneing, but Tatum was a true master; and man, these Mp3s really make me pine for good sound on SO much older music. One wonders if in the future computers will be able to somehow do that for more than just piano. I hope I live another 50 years to be able to see what develops...

The announcer parts really bug me though, and if it WERE under my umbrella of what I bought, I still would pass it up because of that -_-


Post by bobverens April 23, 2008 (7 of 14)
More amazing than the Zenph technology is their ability to bring Art back to life and perform in those New York studio sessions March of 1993 -- 37 years after his death in 1956.

Can't wait to hear 'em!!

Post by Peter June 19, 2008 (8 of 14)
This disc arrived with the disappointing Dohnanyi. I have the originals of the first four tracks, and find the Zenph slightly mechanical in comparison, though less so than when I tried to play transcriptions myself. It is, nonetheless, an interesting scientific achievement, and very nearly there. The next few years should see even more improvement in the mechanics. The sound is very fine.

If you can't stand historic sound, this one does let you hear what a magnificent pianist Tatum was.

The recreation was made in public and there is applause after some of the tracks.


Post by Cherubino September 16, 2009 (9 of 14)
It appears the new "Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff - Zenph Re-performance", will be CD only.

Post by TerraEpon September 16, 2009 (10 of 14)
Cherubino said:

It appears the new "Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff - Zenph Re-performance", will be CD only.

Not only that, but it'll include a "headphone" version with binural sound supposedly like Rach would have heard. Interesting, but I'd never buy a CD with the same thing twice. Stupid stupid. And unlike the other two, I'd actually be interested in this one musicallly...

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