Thread: Do you file your SACDs with your CDs?

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Post by maac59 March 23, 2009 (21 of 65)
Classical separate, the rest integrated. My girlfriend says I'm snob and fastidious; I don't like it when people mix compliments with barbs... :-(

Post by Domimag March 23, 2009 (22 of 65)
oh no !

In French we say "On ne mélange pas les torchons et les serviettes !" (we do not mix rags and towels !)


Post by dobyblue March 24, 2009 (23 of 65)
Separate for me too. I keep my DVD-A's in one area, my SACD's in another.
I rarely listen to CD's unless there's no other option, and vinyl is helping in that respect too.

Post by raffells March 24, 2009 (24 of 65)
Claude said:

I fear the next question will be "Do you file DSD-sourced with PCM-sourced SACDs?" ;-)

Another cracker from you Claude.
Or should it be , What you think are DSD sourced recordings against PCM.LoL.

Post by bmax March 25, 2009 (25 of 65)
Separate.(SACDs &DVD-A). BTW, can we lobby the "site" to give us the SEARCH capability to look for

reviews of "surround" or "5.1" only ? I'd rather not have to page through so much since I mainly limit new

purchases to those.

Max Young

Post by beached April 1, 2009 (26 of 65)
Separate. Dolby Digital - DTS - DVD-A - SACD MCH - SACD 2CH - 20/24 bit CD - CD. All separate and alphabetically.

Post by pgmdir April 1, 2009 (27 of 65)
Integrated, by composer.

Post by Beagle April 1, 2009 (28 of 65)
emaidel said: My son in law stores his chronologically - something he, and only he, can ever understand.
Perhaps I understand: I have CDs and SACDs in separate cabinets, arranged from earliest music through Baroque, Clasical, Romantic and modern eclectic -- with a few jazz recordings at the end. More precisely, I file composers chronologically, e.g. Haydn... Mozart... Beethoven... Schubert.

This schema has worked quite well for me for more than a decade now. Not only do I know where to look for a disc, I also have the option of saying to myself, "Hmmm, am I in a mood for baroque, or is this a good night for twentieth-century?".

Post by stuka May 12, 2009 (29 of 65)
Together, because we are on a quest to replace all of our favorite CD's with SACD's.

I did this with all my tapes when CD's came out.

Post by jakeroux May 13, 2009 (30 of 65)
Some of these responses remind me of something I recently saw:

"I'm CDO, it's the same as OCD, just rearranged to be in the proper alphabetical order."

I must admit, I fall into that camp as well, with my SACDs, DVD-As and RBCDs all filed separately (although filed by category/genre within each group, as opposed to alphabetically). I'm really struggling with what to do with my few HDCDs and SHM-CDs though. (and yes, I realize I just lobbed an opportune straight line there for someone...)

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