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Post by Cherubino July 7, 2010 (51 of 53)
seth said:

I feel like a broken record.

People put up with the mediocrity of outdoor concerts because they want to picnic outside and listen to music at the same time. If you took away that activity from the outdoor concert experience, fewer people would attend outdoor concerts because it is not an environment conductive to playing and listening to music. That's the whole reason there is lawn seating.

A bit of a broad stroke there and just not true. Many who attend such concerts do not go to have a picnic. In fact many outdoor venues (Caramoor, Planting Fields Arboretum, Pavarotti's stadium concerts, for example) provide concert like seating that requires a ticket for that particular seat, and those who buy those tickets, suprise, sit there and just listen to the music. Just because others are there, spread out on the lawn for a picnic first, music second, doesn't mean everyone is, and those "listeners" are not the ones I'm refering to regarding the question of at what point do poor acoustics detract sufficiently from engagment with the music to make the effort not worth your time, effort and money. For those who purchase these tickets year after year, the answer is that it is.

Post by wehecht July 7, 2010 (52 of 53)
DSD said:

We have seldom gotten simultaneous releases of the SACD and CD versions, not even from Telarc! The CD most always comes out first. And with the decline of SACD the distance between the CD release and the SACD release will only grow longer. For me it is not worth the gamble to mess with CD, even if I could make them sound acceptable.

Well, to depart from the worlds of outdoor concerts and fast food and return to an earlier and equally off topic portion of this thread, I was just reading that Hilary Hahn has recorded Jennifer Higdon's violin concerto for DG which means no sacd and Julia Fischer has recorded the Saint Saens 3rd and the Grieg PIANO concerto for a Decca video. As to the latter I might wait awhile for a blu-ray video if the initial release is dvd only, but I'm certainly not going to wait around hoping that DG will someday return to the sacd fold and start reissuing their recent rbcds as sacds or that some other violinist will eventually record the Higdon for an sacd label. That's even sillier than waiting for a cab in Manhattan during a rain storm.

Post by pgmdir July 7, 2010 (53 of 53)
Favorite Korngold:

Die Tote Stadt-- Leinsdoft

The Mariettas Lied arranged from the above Von Otter, Te Kanawa

Abschiedslieder-- Von Otter

Concerto for Cello Bailey

Concerto for Violin Most of them

Symphony in F-- Downs, Welser-Most

I like most of the movie music well enough, but "Devotion" stands out.

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