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Post by Ear February 28, 2011 (61 of 115)
What I do not understand: why this silence about this project and the whole Wish You Where Here thing... the occasional 'hang in there' post aside... I do not understand this at all... and why the constant put back... please... if there is anything, start telling us...
And I do not understand the policy of the record companies either. This day and age every buck and may it be very little, counts, doesn't it? I will not buy RBCD's anymore, except of very few artits. Vinyl is at least some way out but with all the 5.1 home theaters out there through Blu Ray and DVD, there should be at least more 5.1 (MLP lossless) CD packages out there... high rez music provided as a download does not cut it for me and many others.
The only reason I can think of concerning the quiet around those project is that the record companies do want to release packages like the CD/DVD-V combo in advance to cash in on pleople who will buy the SACD later anyway, even though they bought the CD/DVD-V. Well I won't buy this package. Sorry.
And the most ridiculous thing I have read on the Legacy Feedback Forum was the admin suggesting ONE should write to MFSL asking them to license some of the suggestions made under the SACD thread there...

Edit: Sorry, guys, but I am really frustrated... but then again... life is good and there is no sense in spoiling it by being angry at record labels...

Post by rammiepie February 28, 2011 (62 of 115)
stvnharr said:

Passing the buck are you????!!!

Look, way back when, you started this whole sorry mess out of thin air, and didn't like it when asked for some corroborating facts or something.
And look at what's happened.

You seem to post an awful lot, about nothing whatsoever at all, in this and other threads.

But at least you usually do it with a good sense of humour.

I was not passing the buck to Michi who has ties with the Super Audio Center in Colorado and who corroborated my "rumor" as well. These things take time, in case you haven't noticed. And your assertion that I am somewhat of a nihilist with a "sense of humor" is humorous in itself as I think my posts are as relevant as anyone elses........because they don't pique your particular interests (canny tweaks, HDMI cable differences, arguing with the incorrigible Disbeliever who is really on a busman's holiday, et alia) no cause for condemnation.

As if, stvnharr, you are THE illuminating light on SACDnet?

That distinction must go to DSD (Teresa) whose 24/7 Telarc radio station of the mind broadcast to the free world brings a sonic boom smile to each and every poster on Zeus' marvelous website!

Lighten up, stvnharr, you'll get your QUAD S&G SACDs one day........

Just not according to your timetable........

In the interim, make due with "The Sounds of Silence."

Post by la nuit March 18, 2011 (63 of 115)
I too have now written to Sony Legacy (thanks to Tourboots for the link on p.6 of this thread). If everyone reading this who's interested in a 'Bridge' SACD or blu-ray does the same, it could yet happen, ya never know.

Post by MarioBR June 19, 2011 (64 of 115)
I am posting a example of my dreams

I have two albums of Carpenters that
I wish it had also to Simon and Garfunkel .. hehehe

01 - SACD Carpenters 5.1 Surround High Definition
02 - Carpenters Original Master Karaoke Instrumental

Now this is my dreams:

01 - SACD Simon and Garfunkel 5.1 Surround High Definition
02 - Simon and Garfunkel Original Master Karaoke Instrumental

We listen the song Bridge Over Troubled water
The Boxer .. The Sound of Silence .. Cecilia
and many other songs in Original Karaoke must be Wonderful

But to make this version SACD and Karaoke
we need Master Tapes MultiTracks

Will be that Sony/Legacy will give us this gift a day ??

I like Richard Carpenter
because he's always throwing these rarities for us
and Paul Simon does nothing for us

Post by MarioBR September 16, 2011 (65 of 115)
Simon and Garfunkel - Song for the Asking
(Violoncello Instrumental Original)

Original Violoncello from Multi Tracks Master Tapes

Post by FunkyMonkey November 10, 2011 (66 of 115)
Last night in the UK, the BBC aired a documentary about Bridge Over Troubled Water. So now I am listening to my CD. I had forgotten how good an album it is, and how good it sounds. Oh to have a 5.1 version mastered from the original tapes.

Post by rammiepie November 10, 2011 (67 of 115)
FunkyMonkey said:

Last night in the UK, the BBC aired a documentary about Bridge Over Troubled Water. So now I am listening to my CD. I had forgotten how good an album it is, and how good it sounds. Oh to have a 5.1 version mastered from the original tapes.

Well it only took 5 or 6 years for Wish You Were Here in 5.1 SACD to reach fruition.

And yes, Bridge would be fantastic in 5.1 from the original masters.

But you know how long it takes for Bridges to be built?

Post by FunkyMonkey November 11, 2011 (68 of 115)
And these are troubled waters for pop SACD releases.

Post by rammiepie November 11, 2011 (69 of 115)
FunkyMonkey said:

And these are troubled waters for pop SACD releases.

There's a little bit of light through the forest regarding pop SACD releases but the artists themselves have to get involved like Genesis, for instance, to release their entire back catalogues (and even current ones) and of course it takes money to go back to the masters and create 5.1 surround mixes.

Rush is releasing three box sets with mostly RBCDs but will also include three DVD~As in 5.1 96/24 of some of their classic albums (not that I'm a big RUSH fan)

And Aqualung is newly minted with a DVD~A of lossy mixes in 5.1 and a blu~ray disc of the original Aqualung remastered by Steve Wilson in 5.1 96/24.

It seems all three hi~rez formats are getting a minor workout which bodes well for Universal Players' myriad of playback capabilities.

Post by The Seventh Taylor November 11, 2011 (70 of 115)
There currently isn't even an SHM-*CD* from Simon & Garfunkel. That does not bode well for any SHM-SACD. Then again, I'd anyway be more interested in a proper SACD than an SHM one.

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