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Post by Tourboots November 11, 2011 (71 of 115)
The Seventh Taylor said:

There currently isn't even an SHM-*CD* from Simon & Garfunkel. That does not bode well for any SHM-SACD. Then again, I'd anyway be more interested in a proper SACD than an SHM one.

I agree completely about interested in a hybrid multichannel SACD rather than an SHM one.

I wish we could have S&G and their albums available in SACD surround!

Post by MarioBR November 19, 2011 (72 of 115)
I have a surprise for you

I worked with some of the music duo Simon and Garfunkel
and I had the idea to do Quadraphonic Surround Mixing
That You Never Heard Before

Maybe we will have an SACD album for the future (Super Audio CD)

Listen and tell me what you think ok

All files are DTS 5.1 but they are Quadraphonic 4.1

Are only four songs for tasting in your Home Theater System

Simon and Garfunkel - Fakin It (DTS 5.1)

Simon and Garfunkel - Save The Life Of My Child (DTS 5.1)

Simon and Garfunkel - Patterns (DTS 5.1)

Simon and Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song (DTS 5.1)

Please do not Remove
this is just a demonstration
of how these songs would format surround sound

You need burn a CD-Audio
and you put on your Home Theater System

Thank you

Post by flyingdutchman November 20, 2011 (73 of 115)

What you are suggesting and linking to are illegal files. Please delete Zeus.

Post by Zappaien January 7, 2012 (74 of 115)
Hello all,
Listening atm on my AF simon and garfunkel's gold cd.
Well this thread is old, any NEWS about the complete reissue of those albums on SACD ? Anyone got any info ? It could sound fantastic !

Post by DSD January 7, 2012 (75 of 115)
Zappaien I agree as most Simon and Garfunkel recordings were very good, the old MFSL released some excellent sounding LPs back in the day.

It is ironic that there have been no new Audio Fidelity SACDs in many years, since they were the first SACD-only label, promising every recording would be released on SACD and SACD-only and blowing the lid off of the high-priced remastering business by offering them at affordable prices of $15.99.

Now they are the "everything under the sun" except SACD label. About a year after hitting the market as an SACD-only label they added 180 Gram LPs to the mix and several years later HDCD encoded 24k Gold CDs at the high retail price of $29.99.

Post by MarioBR January 24, 2012 (76 of 115)
My New Mix DTS 5.1

Simon and Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa (Extended Edition)
More Power on Subwoofer Drums (Los Incas)

Simon and Garfunkel - Old Friends Bookends (DTS 5.1)

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubed Water (DTS 5.1)

Simon and Garfunkel - April Come She Will (DTS 5.1)

Thank you

Post by Little Nemo July 15, 2012 (77 of 115)
rammiepie said:

Little Nemo, I have posted this tidbit of info previously on this forum but to reiterate, Roy Halle, who was the original recording engineer for S&G had frequented my audio salon in Scarsdale, NY and used to tell the proprietor that the S&G master tapes were not in the best of shape.....splices, overdubbings, etc.
I would think that due to the popularity of the duo, those master tapes probably received more usage than a lot of other artists of the period. I would think that a four~channel quad master was struck from those tapes back in the early seventies and should be in pristine condition since the QUAD Lps were not exactly selling like hotcakes. It is supposedly these masters which Analogue Productions will be using for their Quad SACD replication. I seriously doubt that if they are in any way subpar, that AP would be re~releasing them, again.

Since the mixes were so dense, I would think that the four channel S&G SACDs will allow Roy Halle's original vision to breathe more...... especially in high resolution.

Again, only time will tell!

Ah, but I was referring to the *Audio Fidelity* remasters, which use the original stereo masters (yes, in bad shape I guess). The Columbia Legacy issues, on the other hand, used the original multitrack SESSION TAPES, which were in great shape and were faithfully remixed by Vic Anesini, allowing greater clarity/resolution and improved reverb as well. These are, IMO, the best quality stereo versions currently available.

As for the quad mixes being remastered by AP - there's no sign of that happening anytime soon. Bear in mind the fact that AP has never worked with more than 3 channels. Remember the big deal they made of installing an additional channel on their console in order to remaster the three-track Nat King Cole tapes? We'll see though!

Post by Tim-sacd February 27, 2013 (78 of 115)
Any news about S&G reissues by AP?

The Dylan-rumours were true, what about Simon & Garfunkel?

Post by Links February 27, 2013 (79 of 115)

Post by michi February 27, 2013 (80 of 115)
Can confirm Gus's statement above and have heard them. "A++". Hopefully (AcousticSounds? AudioFidelity? MoFi?) will license and give the nod.

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