Thread: MoFi announces 5 new SACDs from Stevie Ray Vaughan

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soundboy said:

Let's go to the link....

Excellent news and in this day and age, the price is right (as MoFi product is further discounted on various websites). And if one reads the blurb on MoFi's website (Music Direct), it sounds like "The Sky Is Crying" is an audiophile wet dream! (excuse the enthusiasm).

Things ARE looking UP for SACD.

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During my casual search of various websites, I noticed that HMV Japan
and Amazon UK list these sacd's release date as September 20 while musicdirect lists Texas Flood's release as October (the other four as TBD). Are these correct and mean that Japan and UK's release will be a month earlier than the US? If so, I am wondering if the Japan and UK releases (both more expensive than US prices)are US made or not?

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As expected, sent me a notification regarding the delay in shipping the SRV SACDs. No estimated shipping date is available ATM. The MoFi website has not been update since before summer.

It seems they are running an underground business.