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Post by rammiepie September 13, 2010 (31 of 45)
flyingdutchman said:

Actually, I know of no CD or SACD manufacturer that recommends using any liquid to clean discs. As for cleaning any discs, I have never seen anyone clean a disc on a hard surface. I use my fingers to hold a disc and using a soft shammie cloth clean a disc from the inner to the outer part of the disc.

Unfortunately, FD, Ultra Vivid is a compound and does require rubbing to properly remove the polish. And the owner of my (now defunct) audio store could NOT believe the before and after difference (and he even experimented with Mapleshade Polish, which requires far more elbow grease than UV) when using the polish.

And why would any manufacturer of discs ever recommend that one polish their discs because there are those very heavy handed types that would crack those discs and NO manufacturer wants to take that responsibility.

Post by flyingdutchman September 13, 2010 (32 of 45)
I don't think manufacturers are thinking about whether a person is heavy-handed or not. I just don't believe they ever considered someone putting some fluid on discs. I have only heard or seen anyone suggesting a cleaning method to use the one I described.

Post by tailspn September 13, 2010 (33 of 45)
I know I'm going to regret sticking my nose in this, but what the Hell..
There is quite a bit of evidence, but nothing published AFAIK, that a dual layer disk, ala SACD, viewed with a strobe light, resonates at about 80Hz in the presence of a broad spectrum sound field (read music). Most drawer type SACD/CD/DVD consumer players clamp the disk only at the hub, and the majority of its surface is unsupported. Transport manufactures are not blind to this fact, and designed into their mechanisms various damping techniques. Pads could be useful if the drive bearings could tolerate their weight, and unbalancing/off centering effect (if any). This whole pad accessory (tweek? is very drive dependent. I agree with everyone who tries to isolate their transport from the sound field. Owning a Sonoma card, I rip all my SACDs and only play them off a hard drive. While ripping, I never monitor the audio, and walk very lightly. I'm a believer!

As far as the polish/goop goes, I was able to run a test a year or so ago, comparing, with fast/instantaneous A/B switching, of the unauthored .DFF (DSD) MC and stereo files with the actual released SACD of a great sounding recording. Since it was the same data, before and after the SACD manufacturing/playing process, the levels were identical. After many A/B comparisons of the piece, which was synced in time, neither I, nor people who actually have good young ears, and are in the biz, could hear any difference what so ever. This test however has robbed me of the emotional satisfaction on mothering my SACDs with whatever virgin fluid that is the current rage. I have no doubt that if I did these various anointments, I would clearly imagine I heard an improvement.

As I still have the files, and of course the SACD, I would invite anyone to listen for themselves, if you find yourself in Boston.

Post by rammiepie September 13, 2010 (34 of 45)
Excellent Post. If I "thought" I heard an improvement and really did NOT, I would not commit the resources nor time (nor a right arm which resembles Popeye's sans anchor tatoo) to the process of making less than stellar 5" optical discs (ALL) look and sound demonstrably better.

If I had the equipment, I'm sure the results would be measurable.

I also think it's possible to "OverTweak" a disc as I have found out. I have always found the MoFi SACDs somewhat perplexing, as out of the case, they tend to sound somewhat recessed (or FLAT, probably the way they were mastered). I have also used Pierre Sprey's Mapleshade Polish (which he uses on all his discs before he masters them onto RBCD). On PCM, regular DVDs and especially DVD~A, mapleshade polish with the green ink treatment and ultra-Vivid and the damper are a no brainer across the board. On the MoFi's, mapleshade polish and all of the above may result in a brighter sound than anticipated and I would only recommend the polish and damper in that case). Upon showing an untreated DVD to a friend who makes his living doing audio~video presentations he asked me immediately: "Did you treat THIS disc." No was my answer and we both agreed that a quick fix was in order so I quickly applied all my tweaks and viola, the difference was IMMEDIATE and IRREFUTABLE.

I will soon be getting the Meridian SooLoo and the Meridian rep told me that I would NO longer have to treat my discs before loading into the SooLoo.........

Since it will be delivered in about two weeks I cannot answer that question now, but I feel that I will always be able to consciously or subconsciously get something MORE out of that 5" disc and just the Ultra-Vivid treatment only takes a few minutes.

Meanwhile, without eating my spinach, my right arm continues to enlarge...........

Post by classicrecordings October 30, 2010 (35 of 45)
rammiepie said:

So you can all start the quips but I had to be totally honest and also caution anyone not to use other polishes or sprays like Optrix because putting any pressure on that disc will wreak havoc.

Thanks for the warning, and I am all for tweaks if they work.

But, I noticed on my Telarc's that they say: "Do not use liquid cleaning...".

I will heed both warnings.

Post by rammiepie October 30, 2010 (36 of 45)
classicrecordings said:

Thanks for the warning, and I am all for tweaks if they work.

But, I noticed on my Telarc's that they say: "Do not use liquid cleaning...".

I will heed both warnings.

This ONLY happened with the very brittle SHM~SACDs. I have been treating my discs for years (even those that warn against using liquids) with GREAT, GREAT success......

Post by Claude January 31, 2011 (37 of 45)
Someone on the Steve Hoffman forum also broke a SHM-SACD while wiping it:

Post by Lost in the Music May 13, 2015 (38 of 45)
I know the feeling
My broken Queen-A night at the Opera:

I wasn't even wiping it. It just came out the box snapped in two :-(
Had to import replacement from Japan

Post by Claude May 13, 2015 (39 of 45)
SHM = SHellac for the new Millenium ;)

Post by blurayisking May 13, 2015 (40 of 45)
Exact same thing happened to me when I tried to clean the surface of my SHM-SACD of THE WHO SINGLES.

It broke in 2 pieces.

I ended up re-buying the disc.


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