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Discussion: Janacek: Complete String Quartets - Mandelring Quartett

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Post by Beagle September 26, 2010 (1 of 16)
At last! A major pairing is added to the chamber literature on SACD. I hope the Schmidt kids go crazy with it.

Post by krisjan September 26, 2010 (2 of 16)
Unfortunately, there is no coupling. This will be a 50 minute release (if that).

Post by krisjan September 26, 2010 (3 of 16)
Looking at the cover of this release, there is a viola d'amore player credited. Does that mean there is a third work on this SACD? The title says Complete String Quartets - is there a third with viola d'amore beyond the usual two Janacek quartets? Maybe there will be more than 45 minutes of music afterall. BTW, I checked the Audite web site to no avail - this one isn't on their site yet.

Post by krisjan September 26, 2010 (4 of 16)
Talking to myself again. String Quartet No.2 was originally written with a viola d'amore in place of the viola. Janacek swapped it out for the conventional viola since he didn't like the texture of the viola d'amore. So it looks like this release will only contain the two quartets but with a viola d'amore replacing the viola in No.2 (and, alas, only ~45 minutes of music). Guess we will now get to hear what Janacek didn't like.

Post by Polly Nomial September 26, 2010 (5 of 16)
Or maybe that they present this twice, once with viola and once with viola d'amore? We'll have to wait and see (with eager anticipation!)

Post by Ucheru September 27, 2010 (6 of 16)
I would like to add that Janacek had in fact been infatuated with the viola d'amore. For him, the instrument was a symbol for his love to Kamilla Stoesslova. He therefore used it in some his operas, in Katya Kabanova and The Macropoulos Case. The problem there is the same as with the second quartet: dynamics. the viola d'amore is barely audible among conventional string instruments. He therefore replaced it by the conventional viola after first rehearsals. For those interested: there is a RBCD by the Quatuor Diotima on Alpha containing both versions of the second quartet, one with the viola d'amore, one with the conventional viola. Recommended.

Post by krisjan September 27, 2010 (7 of 16)
Polly Nomial said:

Or maybe that they present this twice, once with viola and once with viola d'amore? We'll have to wait and see (with eager anticipation!)

Yeah, that's gotta be it. After I'd made my third (!) post in a row, it came to me that both versions of the 2nd qt could be on this SACD. I was too embarrassed to post another one so I'm glad you chimed in.

Post by Beagle September 27, 2010 (8 of 16)
Just to confirm (if you can trust

"Janácek was fascinated by the silvery sound of the richly decorated instrument in the viola register [viola d'amore]. For practical reasons he had to dispense with the viola d'amore and adapt the work for an ordinary viola but for this recording, Gunter Teuffel and the Mandelring Quartet have reconstructed the original setting, offering Janácek's second string quartet in both versions, for viola as well as viola d'amore."
Like the Baryton, the Viola d'amore has sympathetic strings beneath the fingerboard, but is unfretted. It is a true member of the viol family; the Viola itself is a member of the violin family. Viols are strung with less tension than their violin counterparts, and thus are more suited to chamber venues than concert-halls.

Post by Beagle October 28, 2010 (9 of 16)
Not yet released???

Disc arrived yesterday from UK, and I am very pleased with this long-awaited recording of 'keystone' quartet works. Wonderful string sound definition, very precise and appropriate phrasing, all conspiring to get crusty old Beagle all choked up... emotional stuff. And what a treat to hear No. 2 with viola d'amore. [Total recording time: 67:14]


Post by krisjan December 31, 2010 (10 of 16)

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