Thread: What does "pre order sold out" mean on CD Japan's latest SHM SACD listings?

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Post by Goodwood October 5, 2010 (1 of 4)
I haven't seen this on previous listings.
Also of interest is the "Out of Print" on Black Sabbath - Paranoid!!!

Post by wferrari October 5, 2010 (2 of 4)
Considering that three titles planned on being released in October have been postponed to November, I guess some of the November titles have been postponed to a yet-to-be-decided date. Just speculating thou.

Post by Tim-sacd October 5, 2010 (3 of 4)
Black Sabbath is "Out Of Print", but still available at a few Japanese sites (e.g. HMV).

Post by Ubertrout October 6, 2010 (4 of 4)
I just ordered Paranoid from CDBanq before it slips out of circulation. I think honestly many of us ordered these discs with the expectation that this would be a limited run - and justified the price on the grounds that these discs would only increase in value once they went out of print.