Thread: Red Rose's title - are they sound "so-so" or it's just me?

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Post by Croc November 4, 2003 (1 of 1)

just received 4 red rose disks:
1. the sampler "Live Recordings at Red Rose Music (Volume 1)" Various Artists
2. New Haven Brass Quintet (Volume 4)
3. Bach: Art of the Fugue - Krigbaum (Volume 5)
4. Herb Pomeroy: Big Band Jazz Live at Sandy's (Volume 9)

music is quite nice but i couldn't get read of feeling that sound quality is not good.

treble - quite rolled off
bass - not goes low
midrange - very laid back and dry

i didn't enjoy at all listening first 3 disks.

the last i listened too briefly to judge.

so - is it just me or those titles really are "so-so"?