Thread: Mobile Fidelity announces "Pet Sounds" coming on hybrid SACD

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Post by Tourboots May 22, 2011 (21 of 33)
Wolf, I agree with you completely!

Post by Tim-sacd May 22, 2011 (22 of 33)
wolf359 said:

current trend for single layer stereo only SHM - SACD is not something I like, high cost , cannot play in car on CD player, often from an inferior master and most tellingly often a duplicate of an already existing multichannel disc. we are paying through the noses for far less than the orginal issue brilliant marketing if you can get away with it

How do you know the master is inferior, except if you're in the studio both with the original master and the copy tape?

There's no place in the world, where they take so much care of "audio" as in Japan. Maybe the "copy tape" is better archived / in better condition, as the original tape. Who knows?

They only release shm-sacd's if their "source material" is good. I guess that's why they cancelled "The Kinks"- and more "Moody Blues"-releases.

Why are those shm-sacd so expensive for US-people? Because of the weak Dollar. That's not the fault of the guys at Universal.

MFSL and AF titles are also expensive for Europeans ... We have to import everything, because there are no niche-labels over here.

Post by Kutyatest May 23, 2011 (23 of 33)
This is really good news. It's not a title I'd be interested in buying on SACD, but only because I already own the DVD-A version which is extremely good. Let's hope though that it might lead to some other Beach Boys albums on SACD. I'd love "Wild Honey" on hi-res.

Post by are1981 October 29, 2011 (24 of 33)
I just now found out about Pet Sounds being available on of these decade-old, but still strangely new, formats!

After reading this thread, I must say, after buying my first DVD-Audio eleven years ago, I have come to love both the SACD and DVD-Audio formats. I love hybrid multichannel SACDs for their ease of playback, just like CDs! Why should it be different? And I own some DVD-Audios as well, even when they're not easy to use without a monitor turned on, but they're still better than having nothing but the CD.

As a lot of you, I don't understand the choices made by the companies in the music industry. One current example: Why make a lesser product when releasing a Pet Sounds SACD when a praised multichannel mix exist? I'm just happy there exist a DVD-Audio too, and I will order this in a few days!

Another example: Smashing Pumpkins' first two albums will be released in high resolution late November. But will there be a physical release? No, of course not!

I prioritize my music hobby over a lot of other costly hobbies, I would be able to use hundreds of dollars more each year on music, if wanted products were available!

I love music in surround, and listen to a good SACD/DVD-A surround mix more often than the SACD/DVD-A stereo mix. If not mixed in surround, I still would buy a stereo SACD/DVD-A. But I never buy digital.

I have the money, come get it! But bring me a product I desire!

(This was my first post. I'm new as a member, but a returning reader.)

Post by lowie November 1, 2011 (25 of 33)
Pet Sounds is listed on CDJapan as a collectible, with release date 2011/11/15. However, current status is: Pre Order, sold out! Strangely, Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct still have no release date set, only "TBD".

Post by Tim-sacd November 1, 2011 (26 of 33)
I'm holding my breath for the announced Smashing Pumpkins and This Mortal Coal releases.

I suppose the releases will be heavily brickwalled just like Nirvana's Nevermind-remaster. In that case, high resolution is useless for me.

Post by danfaz December 22, 2011 (27 of 33)
Available for order now.

"Mastered from original first-generation analog stereo mixes by Brian Wilson and Mark Linett, Pet Sounds has never sounded better. Recognizing the stature and importance of the album—particularly to audiophiles and Beach Boys fanatics—Mobile Fidelity engineers treated this project with utmost reverence, extracting previously buried information and obscured details that add to the elaborate music’s meaning, enjoyment, mood, and breadth."

Post by soundboy December 23, 2011 (28 of 33)
MoFi's SACD of Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" is now shipping!

Post by Blu Falcon January 2, 2012 (29 of 33)
Why is there no product review for this title on this web site?

Post by zeus January 2, 2012 (30 of 33)
Blu Falcon said:

Why is there no product review for this title on this web site?

There's no review because it's not out yet (as far as I can tell), and the availability date is too rubbery to even bother with adding a placeholder here.

You could also ask why it isn't even on MoFi's own site.

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