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Discussion: Chopin & Liszt - Anneleen Lenaerts

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Post by Oakland June 9, 2011 (1 of 2)
Thank you Geohominid for a very interesting review. I enjoyed the complete review but I found most intersting in were the explanations of some of the physical and technical aspects of playing the harp and the considerable obstacles that come into play in piano to harp transcriptions. I am not usually a huge fan of transcriptions (although there are plenty of exceptions. But I am familiar with most of the Liszt and Chopin piano source compositions and these transcriptions ound interesting. Music for solo harp is the genre I think about least (I once bout a Susan McDonald Lp) when looking for new music to explore but as soon as I find a domestic (usa) source I will pick this one up.

Robert C. Lang

Post by Geohominid June 9, 2011 (2 of 2)
Thanks, Oakland, I was interested myself as a pianist in how much needed to be changed in piano-harp transcriptions, and did quite a bit of research, which was so fascinating that I included a brief summary. Following the piano scores with the recordings enabled me to hear exactly what was done, and made me realise how clever the transfers from instrument to instrument were, and how faithful to the originals they were. I hope you enjoy Anneleen's playing as much as I did.