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Discussion: Fleetwood Mac: Rumours

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Post by Discspinner September 21, 2011 (1 of 24)
Just wanted to ask before buying if anyone has purchased the SACD and what you think of the sound? Thanks!

Post by michi September 21, 2011 (2 of 24)
I take that back. It has shipped but I haven't heard of anyone receiving it yet.

Mine is "inbound out of customs" as of today, should have it in a few days.

Post by Zammo September 21, 2011 (3 of 24)
Received mine a few days ago.

Have only listened in stereo, and no previous versions to compare to. Haven't really listened critically yet, but seems very good so far.

Post by kegumo September 21, 2011 (4 of 24)

I read your fine reviews on earlier Warner Japan Sacd's.
I get the impression these new Warner Sacd releases may be "glorified" DVD-A's" as they do not appear to be recorded from the original analogue source. There also appear to be issues with compression and overly bright sounds.

Certainly they don't seem to match the quality of the MOFI SACD's or Universal SHM SACD's.

Am I being a bit tough here or is this your sentiment also.


Post by michi September 21, 2011 (5 of 24)
I get the impression these new Warner Sacd releases may be "glorified" DVD-A's" as they do not appear to be recorded from the original analogue source.
Well, that's an assumption pretty much based on the fact that it'd be easier for Warner to do it this way. That doesn't necessarily mean that's how it was done. The only "evidence" so far is that the titles released on SACD are the same titles released on DVD-A.

That said, while not "pure DSD" IF that is the case, I'd rather have an SACD sourced from 192/24 (which the DVD-As were) than a 44.1/16 copy.

(actual mastering care being equal or better, of course.)

Post by rammiepie September 22, 2011 (6 of 24)
If it's any consolation, I played my DVD~A version of Rumours on my Meridian 800 last night and I have to admit, it sounds simply incredible with a VERY tasteful and immersive surround mix.

Assuming this will be the mix Warners/Japan utilizes for the SACD transfer, there should be absolutely NO qualms about the quality of the disc!

Post by Paul September 22, 2011 (7 of 24)
I have it; it sounds very good to me. Good bass, not too bright, excellent placement of instruments/vocals. I had an old RBCD and the improvement is very welcome.

Post by michi September 23, 2011 (8 of 24)
Got mine yesterday, listned to it last night. Was very surprised. Not "harsh" or "glaring" at all. In fact, does not sound like a rehashed DVD-A to me at all. Surprised me in a good way. I actually found it rather rich and full, with very nice separation on the instruments. Certainly pleasant to listen to.

Proof of the pudding, and all, there's something I can do to find out if this is just a file-reformat of the DVD-A. It's one word, starts with V-E-R and ends with "oh-no-you-didn't". I'll do this. But at this point I don't feel that it is simply a DVDA-dump.

Post by rammiepie September 23, 2011 (9 of 24)
Fortunately, Rumours was always a fine sounding recording and whether it's sourced from the 192/24 DVD~A files or not, it's a must have if you don't already own it in hi~rez.

To compare my DVD~A of Hotel California via my Meridian 800 to the newly minted mch SACD as played on my Oppo and/or Sony 5400 is the Meridian betters BOTH players by a significant margin.

My point: The better the hardware, the better the sound.

Just wish and hope that Warners eventually sees fit to release mch SACDs that were NOT originally released as DVD~As as they had a lot of mch mixes in the can before they pulled the plug on DVD~A. (For instance, Fleetwood Mac's TUSK, Bob Marley "Burning," Madonna's Greatest Hits and a couple of Frank Sinatra Reprise discs, most notably: Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim {although the Sinatra Reprise masters are currently being remastered by Concord Music Group} ).

Post by Ear September 24, 2011 (10 of 24)
I would love to see some Enya on SACD...

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