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Discussion: O'Regan: Acallam na Senórach - Hillier

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Post by Beagle December 2, 2011 (1 of 4)
Okay... It's Friday and it's been a long week. So maybe my brain is a bit dull BUT I cannot navigate my way through HMU's fancy website to this recording! I did stumble upon O'Regan's Threshhold of Night, but I couldn't find O'Regan himself using the search tool.

Anyone else want to try?

(It is a good thing that I could purchase this disc from various vendors, because if it was sold only from HMU's website, I would not have been able to order it.)

Post by Peter December 2, 2011 (2 of 4)

Post by Beagle December 2, 2011 (3 of 4)

Brilliant! (in the non-sarcastic sense). Pardon my stupor but I've been reading Official Government Reports all day -- and I am a curmudgeonly neo-Luddite who is irritated beyond all reason by post-2006 technology.

But I do still have an ear for some post-2006 music; the cellist wife and I thoroughly recommed T.O.'s Scattered Rhymes (written in 2007), and I have fond hopes for Acallam na Senórach -- especially since the english text was written by an old friend and her mentor.

And how is life in Boggsley-on-the-Sea agreeing with you?


Post by Peter December 3, 2011 (4 of 4)
Elysian fields and leafy lanes...