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Post by TACET April 16, 2012 (81 of 126)
Would you be ready to enable a big SACD project by TACET?

3 years ago we started "Auryn's Haydn", all 68 string quartets by Joseph Haydn played by the Auryn Quartet. They were released on 14 CD items, one for each opus, 8 double CDs and 6 single CDs, 22 CDs in total.

This CD series was - and still is - a tremendous success. It received the german "Echo", last years prize of the year of the "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" and a lot more. Many reviews rated this series as the far best complete recording of Haydn's string quartets up to now.

From the beginning one of the ideas behind had been to record the whole series for the first time ever in TACET Real Surround Sound. That's why we also started with the same program on DVD-Audio. 6 of the 14 discs are now available with another one coming about every half year.

The question is if there will be sufficient customers that purchase the whole series on SACD. On SACD you would have three versions: the highly awarded CD stereo version, the same stereo version in high resolution and the whole lot in TACET Real Surround Sound. Subscription price for all 22 SACDs on 14 releases would be probably EUR 399,00, including world-wide shipment.

By the way: all recordings and surround mixes are already done. If enough customers purchase the whole series in advance we'll be able to manufacture it within a short period of 3 months or less. For the exact compilations, covers etc. please see
and (type "Auryn" and "Haydn" into search field)

One important reason that encourages me is the fact that meanwhile TACET has a steady circle of listeners that like our Real Surround Sound releases and constantly ask for more. Some of them listen on DVD-A, some on SACD. Many say it does not matter which format, but they want it in Real Surround Sound. And they want more than one record per half year. See for instance this customer letter from Sweden:

I have been informed about the fact that Tacet already has prepared the remaining titles of the Haydn string quartets, but the Tacet plans are to bring them to the market at a later date, for priority reasons, which is why I now suggest that Tacet perhaps might consider doing several things in parallel and allow those customers who "can't wait for these Haydn items" to assist Tacet in finalizing them and make them available to interested customers, by allowing them to preorder and prepay for these remaining titles, which then perhaps could be delivered within two months after those transactions, and if a significant number of customers engage in such a schedule?

What do you think about doing this on SACD?

Next step could be to install a preorder section on our website Everybody could make a reservation on his credit card there. Depending on the result this reservation will be used or cancelled. But first I'd like to know your reaction.

Andreas Spreer

Post by snyder April 16, 2012 (82 of 126)
You could count me in. How many preorders would you need?

Post by flyingdutchman April 16, 2012 (83 of 126)

Could you have a subscription rate for people who agree to subscribe spread out over a few months?

Post by nucaleena April 16, 2012 (84 of 126)
Will it be possible to get a partial subscription, - I already have several of the DVD-As.

Post by tream April 17, 2012 (85 of 126)
Arnaldo said:

The Auryn's Haydn project is certainly a massive undertaking. And that's where the problem lies, in that it's possibly a bit too massive for most people. Wouldn't it be better to re-dip your toes in the SACD waters with just a few interesting releases from Tacet's current catalog?

The Spohr String Sextet and Nonet with Camerata Freden (0172-3 DVD-Audio) would certainly fit the bill as a somewhat more modest restarting point. As would the Abegg Trio's Hommage à Schostakowitsch (0174-0 CD) or the Brahms Violin Sonatas with Liu and Gaede (0193-0 CD), that is assuming these two were recorded either in high-rez digital or analogue.

I think we should have both!

I'm in for the Haydn.


Post by TACET April 18, 2012 (86 of 126)
Subscription rate for people who want to buy over a few months: We can think about it. We could even think about the whole project on that basis, e. g. one per month. However please consider that then there will be 14 times shipment cost. This increases the overall cost for the customer significantly.

Of course. When/if the project starts please send us an email and we'll find a way.

Spohr/Freden is available on DVD-A already (and was nominated for Grammy). Schostakowich/Abegg and Brahms/Gaede,Liu are both not so suitable for TACET Real Surround Sound which is my favourite playground for the new formats.

I am just working on a couple of surround mixes, the medi-eval "Crossing the Channel" recording and the Dvorak 2*3=6 by the Auryn Quartet. I just came home from Amsterdam where we recorded Ravel (La Valse, Le Tzigane, Ma Mère l'Oye, Bolero, Pavane) with Nederlands Philharmonic Orkest and Carlo Rizzi which is very suitable for Real Surround Sound. The incredible Evgeni Koroliov playing Chopin will appear soon and needs some last modifications and many more interesting and challenging things (vinyl...) are waiting. Unfortunately all this takes time, lots of time.

Please come nobody and ask me to let the mixing work be done by others ;-). I simply want to do it myself. - TACET was founded because after studying Diplom-Tonmeister in Detmold/Germany I got ill from listening to test pressings in a larger record company. I wanted to make recordings! That's what I do now since 1989 and that's why I don't want to organize a bigger company for colleagues who do the work that I would like to do. - I appreciate your patience while things at TACET need a bit longer than elsewhere.

The reason for the above suggestion is the fact that all Haydn mixes are done and waiting for manufacturing and that there are customers asking for it.

Post by tream September 28, 2012 (87 of 126)
TACET said:

Would you be ready to enable a big SACD project by TACET?

Tacet - any update on this project?

Post by Luong September 29, 2012 (88 of 126)
TACET said:

Dear Peter,

Beethoven 9 is a neverending story. Thank you and the others interested so much for the big patience! Of course we want to do it. Not only that we get many inquiries. What a shame to have 8 symphonies in Real Surround Sound and no. 9 is missing! However this year we plan another big orchestra recording which takes all means we can invest in one year. I'd be very happy to do it next year and make plans for it, but this is no promise. Anyway we want it definitely.


This is my suggestion for your Beethoven Symphony no. 9 which I hope will be finalized in 2013:

1/ Push "a la TACET" fashion to the max. Do not hold back . There are many dozens of multi-channel Beethoven 9 out there. I have listened to many of them. I don't want Tacet's version turn out to be one more of the same. The listening experience becomes too predictable except for one version that is both interesting and very controversial which is the DVD-A directed by Maximianno Cobra. It stands out of the crowd by its slow tempi and its expanded sound stage, spreading the violins to the Left Rear speaker and cello/bass to the Right Rear speaker. However the choir and soloists are all still in the front , as is most of the rest of the orchestra.

Is Tacet afraid of being controversial ? Apparently, no.

Is Tacet afraid of a slow sell ? Maybe. But note that the first edition of the Maximianno Cobra DVD-A was issued back in 2001 and has sold out for a long time.I could not find it in stores, online retailers or auction for the last 5 years. The new re-issue is circa 2011, augmented by a double-sided DVD-A with 96/24 5.1 on one side and 192/24 two-channel on the other side, plus a DVD-Video in DD5.1 in the same box.

2/ My wish list for TACET Beethoven no. 9 layout is
- The orchestra is as in previous Tacet SACD Beethoven no. 1-8, antiphonal and encircling the listener.
- The choir with female voices on the opposite side of male voices, either front-to-back or side-to-side. Tacet has done both before to some extent with excellent results. Preferably, keep Soprani and Alti away from the violins.
- The 4 soloists in 4 corners.

Post by Polarius T September 30, 2012 (89 of 126)
Luong said:

Maximianno Cobra

Now that was an interesting 1 hr 50 minutes (!!) spent in a music appreciation exercise...,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,28/Itemid,32/lang,en/

I'm sure the world will not agree.

He's all new to me. Reminds me a bit of certain things Boulez does with the 5th (Sony SRCR 2510), to a magnificent effect.

Post by Luong July 6, 2013 (90 of 126)
TACET ,for the last 6 years, has been rejecting Bluray disc, letting 2L taking the lead in issuing SACD+BD-audio combo. Now the cost of BD and the customer base seem to become profitable enough for this label to promise BD . Let us see if it is brave enough to either:
(1) fully implement 7.1 stage-perspective "a la TACET" instead of just 5.1,
(2) or implement 7.1 or 5.1 stage-perspective with VIDEO instead of just pure audio disc.

Without (1) or (2), the move to BD offers not much more compared to SACD or DVD-A

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