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Discussion: God's Sketches - Brodsky Quartet

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Post by raffells February 20, 2012 (1 of 2)
I just thought I would mention that the liner notes on this edition make it clear that the title of the first quartet work,Surviving a sons suicide is an imagined event and part of the overall theme of this piece,which is about a broken marriage.
The work is descriptive of the couples reviving their happiest moments they had lived with him.
After a few listens I can confirm that the nature and tone of the work is in keeping with this description and far away from the titles potentially misleading morbid title.
The sections are entitled, Browsing the childhood photographs (for 6 minutes 33 seconds) followed by, Remembering his awkward age (for just under 4 minutes.) Ending with,His room and how he left it (for 7 and a half minutes.)
Jorge Grundman states in the notes he is "the writer of the music" and it is not intended to be anything new.To me the music is timeless.
The second work on this disc Gods sketches has a very deep rooted motivation and again the title could be considered misleading.Suffice to say the singer Susana Cordon is once again excellent and the booklet has a translation of the Spanish words.
Sonically this is another fabulous 24/96 recording with fabulous sonics.
Once again some may find this a tad close up and also slightly short measure at 47.30. Typical high class Non profit organization Booklet.The playing is exceptional or seems it.

Post by raffells February 25, 2012 (2 of 2)
Just in case of any confusion I have caused and confirming the review

the original posting should read

Suffice to say the singer Susana Cordon is once again excellent and the booklet has a translation of the English words into Spanish.