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  Universal (Hong Kong) -
  Teresa Teng: Best Collection
  "Best Collection"

Teresa Teng
Track listing:
  Chinese Pop
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Review by FullRangeMan April 29, 2009 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Teresa Teng (*1953 Taiwan, 1995 Thailand) passed away with only 42 years.
She died suddenly by a asthma attack. I was upset when making this review, because I was unknow she had died in 1995 and just discover this sad news today, even past 14 years there is no comfort
in knowing she died many years ago. I and all others fans are so sorry this French boyfriend was unable to take care of Teresa. Some Asian fans find the name of this French guy may be Paul.
The scenario of Teresa death was the same as her songs, beautiful, romantic, tragic and transcendental.
Their songs are attractive, silky, exquisite and inspire sympathy and love. Her voice are so colorful as her stage dressing, to this faraway fan the Little Deng voice deliver a lot of emotions and add to it her
angel face and you are no choice, you will love her songs. In Japan this genre of romantic songs are called Enka Music.

She was immensely popular and influential in all Asia, her voice was real hipnotising and instantly recognizable, its a very special diamond, not a rough jewel but a perfect, polished, ready diamond.
Her fans were all kinds of people, poor, rich, young and old, in China she was called by the nicknamed Deng Lijun (Little Deng) as her born name was Deng Li Yun, the same family name as Deng Xiaoping,
the chinese maximum leader of the time, then the people said ''by day Deng Xiaoping rules China, by night Deng Lijun rules''.
Some months before her death the Chinese Government has invite Teresa to made a concert in China, this would be a great joy for Teresa as she supported democracy to China.

The key to like the music of Teresa or Chinese/Japanese Pop songs is appreciate romantic songs and the special arrangements that songs have and she have a very romantic chant, a unforgettable voice.
This three Teresa SACDs now on are Stereo only compilations of her career hits, and there are many, in 2008 I saw there were over 160 different discs of Teresa on AMZ.JP.

The 1º SACD is Best Collection, there is 19 tracks, time is 68:30, the sound quality could be better for the DSD 2.8Mhz standards of today, but for the time is fine.

The 2º second SACD is Best Collection Vol.2, there is 19 tracks, time is 65:02, the sound quality is very good for the 80/90 years Pop Music standards.

The 3º SACD is Dann Dann Iuo Chyng, there is only 12 tracks, but the first track is to shake you, very emotive and well performed, time is 39:25, the sound quality is the same as VOL.1 and VOL.2.

There is much more hits from Teresa to make more SACDs like these, lets hope they come fast, these three releases are from 2002 and 2003.
Sorry, I can't give you more info as the booklets are only in Chinese or Japanese as usual with all China/Japan CDs, a pity I can not read it, as all SACDs have the Lyrics of the songs, but in the nice site there is some English lyrics, bio, photos etc... This image are from The New York Times of the coming days,

Thankyou Teresa for give us your voice, I will miss you.
Performance 5 Stars, Stereo Sound 4 Stars.

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Review by chenzl October 13, 2009 (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I believe even in 100 years time, Teresa Teng's recordings will continue to appear in whatever formats available at that time!

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