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  New Classical Adventure -
  Klang der Welt: Portugal - Deutsche Oper Berlin
  António Victorino d'Almeida, Joly Braga Santos, Jorge Peixinho, Filipe de Sousa, José Vianna da Motta

Deutsche Oper Berlin
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Review by raffells September 9, 2009 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
The public information on these Sounds (Klang) of the World releases is pretty poor.
However they are certainly interesting and are quite different items from the usual fodder and mostly unique on sacd.
Firstly these are played by members of the Berlin Opera Orchestra.As such each of the discs is a varied chamber music item.
The Portugese disc composers are hardly household names even in Portugal and include Filipe de Sousa ?
NCA release via Membran in a digipak style case with decent liner notes,German English and in this case Portugese.
Now for the nitty gritty.
Recording quality is excellent probably 24/96 PCM and fairly close up studio recording.To me this is the best of the bunch as the Spanish release whilst varied is a bit too avante garde at times for my liking.The playing I would rate a top notch especially as on the Russian disc you can compare their Borodin quartet no 2 with known great versions.
More content details.
Antonio d Almeira (1940) well know also as a conducter.His Septet for flute oboe klarinet horn basson piano and xylopone (no strings) is unusal in itself and distantly reminiscent of Prokofiev and Satie pleasant listening but hardly a masterpiece.
Joly Braga Santos (1924-1988)String quartet follows and flows and these 22 minutes certaily is worth listening to.No national charecteristics to me but certainly melodic.The central movement track five is beautifull and probably worth the price of the disc alone.
Jorge Peixinho (1940-1955)Five Piano pieces (total less than 5 minutes and unkidly could be described as a pianist let loose to demonstrate playing all the piano notes in random order whilst taking the P**s out of modernists.Sonically amazing but ???? Beautifull piano tone.
Filipe de Sousa ??? Woodwind quintet Apparantly he studied Portugese music though this was composed in Paris.Actually quite pleasant and doesnt outsay its welcome.
Jose Vianna Da Motta 1868-1948 String quartet no 2.Even better than the earlier quartet and hints of the Mendlessohn and Borodin quartets thown in.Very enjoyable and rounds off a quite varied entertaining disc.
Almost 3 reviews in one?..

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