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  Red Rose Music -
  RRM 09
  Herb Pomeroy: Big Band Jazz Live at Sandy's (Volume 9)
  "Big Band Jazz Live at Sandy's (Volume 9)"

Herb Pomeroy
Track listing:
  1. Where's Paul by Bob Dogan
2. Theme for Terry by Bob Friedman
3. Aluminum Baby by Jacki Byard
4. Unknown
5. Zid Zib Byazeke by Jacki Byard
6. Ossified by Bob Friedman
7. Rockin & Rhythm by Duke Ellington
8. Amphibian Race by Hal Crook
9. Chelsea Bridge by Billy Strayhorn
10. Blue Grass by Danny Kent
11. Unknown (excerpt)
12. Sweet Rain by Mike Gibbs
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 1

Review by analogue July 22, 2010 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is big band music recorded live in the 70's and the performance is top notch. The music will make your toes tap.
Its to bad that this album was not recorded as well as it could have. Mores the pity because it would have been a real killer.

As I said this is big band music in the Benny Goodman tradition recorded live to a very enthusiatic audience which ironically, and at times, seems to be recorded with better facility than some of the instruments.

Long story short........the recording method did not work in the least. Some instruments sound well captured while others seem to be captured far off in the distance despite the fact that they are all on the same stage playing in unison.

Some of this album is recorded rather well but its just not consistent. And the actual dsd transfer is terrific with this sacd sounding rather analogue.

And then.............There are times where it seems as if someone turned down the volume on my pre amp as the volume seems to drop off suddenly. I sat bolt upright wondering what happened. And in the far off distance I thought I heard a single bass playing a solo. But its not the volume that drops..its that the instrument was not captued well in the microphone. There might be the whole group jamminmg away and half of the instruments have depth and mass to their sound while the others sound like they are behind some hidden partition. What is up with this???????

Wow...what could have been.

Great performance......beautiful actually...but the recording is far to disjointed and unpredictable for my tastes.

Buy at your own risk.

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