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  Fuga -
  Sibelius: Songs - Jorma Hynninen
  Jean Sibelius: Songs, Illalle - To Evening

Jorma Hynninen (baritone)
Laura Hynninen (harp)
Marko Ylönen (cello)
Kalevi Kiviniemi (organ)
Track listing:
  1. Säv, säv, susa Op. 36 No. 4
2. Vänskapens blomma Op. 57 No. 7
3. Demanten på marssnön Op. 36 No. 6
4. Svarta rosor Op. 36 No. 1
5. Den första kyssen Op. 37 No. 1
6. Lastu lainehilla Op. 17 No. 7
7. Hymni Thaisille
8. Kolme sokeaa sisarta Op. 46 No. 4
9. Kom nu hit, död Op. 60 No. 1
10. Hållilå, uti storm och i regn Op. 60 No. 2
11. På verandan vid havet Op. 38 No. 2
12. Serenad
13. Soi kiitokseksi Luojan Op. 23 No. 6a
14. Cantique: Laetare anima mea Op. 77 No. 1
15. Devotion: Ab imo pectore Op. 77 No. 2
16. Längtan heter min arvedel Op. 86 No. 2
17. Illalle Op. 17 No. 6
18. Laulu ristilukista Op. 27 No. 4
  Classical - Vocal
Recording type:
Recording info:
  A true 5.0-multichannel recording, editing and mastering: Mika Koivusalo
SACD mastering: DER/Esa Santonen

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Site review by Geohominid September 21, 2008
Performance:   Sonics:    
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Review by photogravure August 21, 2012 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I want to thank Geohominid for his excellent review which more than adequately covers all the important points about this beautiful disc. I am fully in agreement with everything he has to say, but have a few words to add about Jorma Hynninen.

This truly great baritone (whose previous RDCD of Sibelius songs is one of the most glorious recordings of orchestral songs ever made, and this praise extends to include the soprano who shares that venture with him) was born in 1941, which makes him now over the age of 70. In truth, for a man his age he does sound magnificent and authoritative, and while I find there is evidence of some strain in comparison with his previous outings in this music, time has refined his interpretations of this repertoire immeasurably, and some of these songs have never been set down more meaningfully by anyone. If you look for it when you listen, you will be able to see his visible vocal "face". Like the best singers---at least for me---he succeeds in creating the illusion that he is singing directly to you and you alone. (Pierre Bernac, Victoria de los Angeles, Zara Dolukhanova are examples of singers who do that for me).

I had to order this disc directly from FUGA, but they sent it promptly and packaged well. It was worth the extra effort to have it.

Highly recommended.

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