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  Channel Classics -
  CCS SA 28809
  Falla, Manuel de - Katona Twins
  Manuel de Falla: Spanish Dance (from La Vida Breve), El Amor Brujo, El Sombrero de Tres Picos (excerpts), Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas, Homenaje (Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy), Tus Ojillos Negros

Katona Twins
Juanita Lascarro (soprano)
David Garcia Mir (percussion)
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Bach - Katona Twins        

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Review by raffells October 28, 2009 (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
A fabulous disc that should have a Health warning about its opening chords.
If you are expecting two accoustic guitars strumming and arangement with a
simple drummer tagging along with the occasional gutteral spanish female singer
joining in then you will be in for an even greater shock.
The Hungarian twins have taken Spains favourite composers work and injected
an awfull lot of energy into the already exciting music.
The opening Spanish Dance from "Life is short" sets the tone for the overall
disc.A "modern" up beat very spanish sounding disc where percussion adds impact.
Ive chosen that word carefully.As there appears to be a battery of weapons
under the control of David Garcia Mir.
Love the Magician which follows is arranged in 13 parts in order of the ballet.
You would be forgiven in thinking their is almost an orchestra in parts and the
singing parts are performed excellently.Another beautifull voice this time from Columbia.
Next follows 3 excerpts in the form of dances from the Three cornered hat.
Here we nearly go into overdrive and I doubt if there could be a more
exciting interpretation of this music other than by this combo.
(I considered the term guitar led combo)
Follow this with 7 popular Spanish songs, all very short,in contrasting styles
and musically superb with occasional added castenets for that true Spanish feel.
Personally I wished the lyrics and a translation were in the otherwise excellent booklet.
A minor point.
This is followed by a short relaxing piece for just the twins, Homenaje dedicated to Debussy one of Fallas influences from his Paris years and this piece was the only one originally written for the guitar.
The discs ends on a gentle note with another song Your small black eyes.
I should mention that the balance between performers and their differing natural volume levels
has been captured or produced to perfection .The disc contain an enjoyment factor
rarely achieved in classical music.
Sonics DSD are beyond any need for discussion.Probably the ultimate Spanish sacd disc to date?

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