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  2L -
  deUSYNLIGE - Iver Kleive

Iver Kleive (organ)
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Site review by Castor December 12, 2009
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Review by March 27, 2014 (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
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Iver Kleive is an organplayer that is well represented in established audiophile record collections. Especially the works with Reiersrud on recordings with KKV has left a deep impression among music lovers who appreciate good sound, while valuing the genre boundaries neglected.

This time the label 2L serving a release with Iver Kleive playing organ , in the form of a multi-channel SA-CD. No pure audio Blu-ray from Lindberg this time, in other words. In return, the music is available on Blu-ray in the form of film deUSYNLIGE (the invisibles), a film that represents the last part of a trilogy by Erik Poppe. In this film the protagonist a young man who has learned to play the organ during an extended stay in prison at Ila. Much of the action takes place in St. Paul's Church on Grunerløkka, where the protagonist Thomas gets a job as organist for two thirds of Atonement. All organ playing in the movie takes place as playback of Paul Church with Thomas apparently performer, after recording Iver Kleive recorded in Bergen Cathedral.

Though our SA-CD Iver Kleive is rock solid on its own, it is difficult to interpret completely released from that this is actually a kind of soundtrack album. Among other things, it seems pretty obvious that Iver Kleive`s interpretations of the music is strongly influenced by the setting music to be used, by the character Thomas. In particular, I perceive that this is the case for Bridge over Troubled Water , where melody recognition is strongly seeking, almost tentative character. Bridge over Troubled Water is almost function as the title song on this album, partly because it is repeated in two editions. Otherwise a grip in a way reflects the film's structure, in which the story is told from two parallel points of view. The film's English title is also troubled water Roosevelt all your ways worked in the film as a performance that deceived church council to give Thomas the work of Paul Church, where exposed a balance between traditional and "ecclesiastical" performance combined with a desire to explore, and finally a virtuosity which may be in excess of what the trainee should master? Really virtuoso during Iver Kleive his own composition Toccata , which is used as a wedding march. Allegro - a composition of Liv-Benedicte Bjørneboe - is the film really a duet with Åge Kvalbein at Monticello, but in the SACD we are presented a clean Organ version.

What to me is perhaps the greatest musical treat, is also an old acquaintance from "Himmelskip" (KKV) called "Om nogen ondt meg vil" (If anyone would harm me) . It is a subtle and beautiful folk from Biri, which on "Himmelskip" was arranged for electric guitar and organ by Iver Kleive. The SACD organ music from deUSYNLIGE is a pure organ performance, and the character is a little different than on "Himmelskip". Even more careful and unobtrusive. And still an equally amazing fascinating piece of music. On the film the scene of this piece was cut off. Surely the right choice for tha film, but a deprivation musically. The sounds on this SACD is of the same addictive caliber that we are used to from 2L. Excellent! Also in this publication is used 5.1-recording to provide a reproduction that is impossible in only two channels. Also the film on BD has a very good soundtrack. I am not familiar with if the playback rendering of organ music in the film goes through a sound system played in Paul Church, or the recording of Bergen Cathedral is mixed into the studio. The latter variant is reasonable to assume, at least for anything other than Allegro, where it played duet.

In this review, the film has been the focus of the review of organ music from deUSYNLIGE . However, as previously mentioned, this is a record that stands confidently on its own as a stunningly beautiful and evocative recording with great sound. The disc is highly recommended to anyone who appreciates organ-music with a creative flair. And it is also recommended for all those who appreciate organ music, but without being aware of it themselves yet.


This review was originally written and published by me at, in 2010.

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