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  Harmonia Mundi -
  HMU 807453
  Anonymous 4: The Cherry Tree
  Prose: Prophetarum presignata - Irish, 14th C.
Carol: Nowel syng we bothe al and som - English, 15th C.
Carol: Alma redemptoris mater - English, 15th C.
Folk hymn: The Shepherd's Star - American, Southern Harmony, 1835
Ballad carol: Newell - Tydings trew - English, 15th C.
Carol: Mervele noght Iosep - English, 15th C.
Carol: Synge we to this mery cumpane - English, 15th C.
Song: Qui creavit celum ("Song of the Nuns of Chester") - English, 15th C.
Carol: A Virgin Unspotted - William Knapp (English, 1798-1868)
Carol: A Virgin Unspotted - William Knapp (English, 1798-1868) American version, Wyeth's Repository of Music, Part Second, 1813
Carol: Now may we syngyn - English, 15th C.
Ballad carol: Lullay my child - This ender nithgt - English, 15th C.
Folk hymn: Star in the East - American, Southern Harmony, 1835
Carol: Veni redemptor gencium - English, 15th C.
Carol ballad: The Cherry Tree Carol - English, 15th C.; this version, Kentucky, 1917
Prose: Salve mater misericordie - Irish, 14th C.
Carol: Hail mary ful of grace - English, 15th C.
Fuging tune: Bethlehem - William Billings (American, 1746-1800)

Anonymous 4
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  Classical - Vocal
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