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  Praga Digitals -
  PRD/DSD 250 272
  Haydn: String Quartets Op. 54 - Parkanyi Quartet
  Haydn: String Quartet in G major Op. 54 No. 1, String Quartet in C major Op. 54 No. 2, String Quartet in E major Op. 54 No. 3

Parkanyi Quartet
Track listing:
  Classical - Chamber
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Review by krisjan October 17, 2011 (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
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Review by analogue January 24, 2013 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I have to say that I am really impressed with Praga Digitals Haydn sacd's. This is the third disc I have purchased and the third that I found to be exceptional.

This sacd was recorded in 2010 and features another set of well chosen Haydn string quartets. I'm trying to put my finger on the exact reason that I find these Praga discs more satisfying to me than lets say my Isomike or Channel Classics Haydn discs I own. Perhaps its the passion behind these performances or simply the recordings are just that much better......I cant really say. But I think these Praga sacd's are special. If your system allows for it.......this disc will grab you from the get go.

I am not a musicologist....have not heard or compared the hundreds or thousands of different Haydn string performances over the years so I will shy away from claiming that these are the definitive performances. I will say that sonically these performances are wonderful and the skill of the musical performance is splendid to say the least.

These discs are emotionally satisfying. No matter how fast this music is played each member is distinct and separate. The strings are never strident or piercing. The dynamic range is both subtle but all powerful. The playing can go from tender to full and rich in a heartbeat. This I think is part of why I am so impressed by these discs. Top end extension is also excellent. I think a good preamp is necessary to really get the complete experience as strings in the digital domain are not always well focused. And there is a great treble extension on this disc.

If you love Haydn's string works I recommend getting this disc. If you want to feel the actual performance and feel four human beings create music.............this is the disc for you. Praga Digital's create beautiful Dsd recordings that are rich, moving and powerful.

Play it loud.

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Works: 3  

Joseph Haydn - String Quartet No. 57 in C major, Hob. III:57 Op. 54 No. 2 (Tost)
Joseph Haydn - String Quartet No. 58 in G major, Hob. III:58 Op. 54 No. 1 (Tost)
Joseph Haydn - String Quartet No. 59 in E major, Hob. III:59 Op. 54 No. 3 (Tost)