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  UDSACD 2077
  Stevie Ray Vaughan: In Step
  "In Step"

Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Review by analogue December 22, 2011 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Finally after a long wait...the fifth and final Mofi Vaughan sacd.

Some interesting observations with this disc.
The original recording sessions were done with what must be low rez pcm...this is a 100 percent digitally recorded album. The actual resolution is anyones guess but I feel that its quite low. When listening to this sacd one can easilly hear that the bass is not the deepest or the soundstage is not the widest or the vocals not as up front as per the norm. The earlier pcm recording process imparts a very simplified sound design and the disc is rather plain sounding. The drums for example sound drum like but are no where as real as a better analogue recordings. Bass is bass like but not as deep or descriptive as lets say recorded with magnetic tape. Tape or pure dsd would much better capture the musical information and flow.

Having said that I really like this Mofi disc. Volume has to be turned up very high and with this disc its essential to get the best sound. It sounds similar to the original uncompressed cd but much better overall with better micro and macro detail. Textures are better as well. Although I expect the digital information to have been stored on tape this disc is rather dry.

This Stevie album has a high degree of listenability to it with a good mixture of songs and nice guitar work. A good number of the songs contained herein are actually very good.

Crossfire and tighrope sound very good but my all time Vaughan instrumental.....Riviera Paradise is simply jaw droppingly gorgeous. Just turn the volume up very high and enjoy the sonic bliss. It has never sounded so good.

I recommend this disc. Its one of the better Stevie Ray Vaughan transfers and in spite of the low rez origins it still sports very good sound when the volume is turned up higher than norm.

Good Job Mofi.

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Review by tdunster December 1, 2012 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
With repect to sound quality I'd totally agree with the points made my Analogue previously.
It's a very balanced master with excellent dynamic range - that is really only limited by the standard of the original masters.

Given that it's a hybrid disc ithis is a no brainer for any SRV fan.


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Review by progboy February 20, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:
I am caught in the Crossfire !

In Step was Vaughan's 4th and final album with the Double Trouble lineup and is a wonderful album that all fans of blues MUST hear. And what way to hear better than on Mofi's SACD! This has to be one of my personal favorite Blues rock albums of all time.....clearly I am caught in the Crossfire ! Vaughan lets it all go on this album with some of his best R&B moments and a guarantee that your toes will never stop tappin '

As usual the folks at MoFi have done a great version in presenting this well balanced album in glorious SACD ! Like most of the MoFi releases this album at higher volumes just leaps out at you unlike most standard CD, Vinyl or 8-Track will ! (kidding about the 8-Track). I believe originally this was a pure digital recording and yet it carries many of the characteristics of the great analog era. Without a question Stevie Ray's vocals just leap out at you on this remaster and sound just so clean and distinctive. This master has a nice full dynamic sound that albeit less dynamic as other SACD releases still sounds nice and warm and very well produced (thus the analog reference earlier).

A subtly stunning master here folks !

This SACD release is simply amazing and THIS is the reason why I love the pursuit of the audiophile

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