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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2078
  Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Sky is Crying
  "The Sky is Crying"

Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Review by analogue December 4, 2011 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Thankfully this Mobile Fidelity sacd sounds pretty good. On alot of the tracks it sounds very impressive. I was really let down by the previous soul to soul sacd. I was also indifferent to the first two as I already owned the Sony sacd's.

I did not mind the first uncompressed cd of this title back in the day but this new sacd is much, much better in every way. Its not really fair to compare the two is it??

This particular album is noteworthy for one reason...putting aside the quality of the music of course. Its a mixture of both analogue and digital recordings. Four of the tracks being culled from magnetic tapes while the other 6 from digital files. As to the resolution of the actual pcm recordings I can only venture a guess but it sounds darn good nonetheless. I cant be sure but the difference between the two forms of cuts is that the digital ones tend to be clearer and more intelligible but the analogue cuts are more dense and lifelike.

Thankfully one of my Stevie favorites.... .Little Wing...sounds truly awesome here. Deep bass notes.....powerful but minimal drum work and crazy guitar playing. This track always had a tens feel to it but now its almost on roids. It retains its unique energy and because its on sacd and pure really never sounded better. And its really true......we listeners really can hear Stevie's amp humming in the not to distant studio space. Actually we could always hear it but its even more prominent hear. And I know it might sound strange to say so.the hum on this track actually sounds more lifelike because of the transfer quality.

His cover of Chitlins con carne sounds sweet here as well. There is a lot of different note structures on this song and they all sound unique. Again due to the transfer. Stevie was really shifting his guitar approach and incorporating more and more jazz into his act. I tend to like it. The last by the drop..... is rather sad and poignant as he passed away not to much into the future.

Like most Vaughan albums some songs are better than others. For some reason I tend to like this album as a whole. A surprisingly large number of cuts are to be listened to on this disc.

Overall this uncompressed sacd from Mofi is a standout. Thus far I would have to say its the best of the four I own. And yes I will buy In Step soon enough. Riviera Paradise is calling to me.

Great job Mofi. But I will be watching you like a hawk.....or rather...listening to your discs and their feedback like one.

Play it loud.

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Review by Croc February 12, 2012 (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
great disc.
this Hendrix theme sounds really amazing.

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